Winter Wonderland Mantel Decorations

Once Christmas ends I simplify my mantel decorations while keeping a winter vibe as I did with these winter wonderland mantel decorations.

Last week while we were in the middle of the “polar vortex” I was bundled up cursing Virginia and her lack of snow. It was practically zero degrees and not a drop of moisture in the air! Is a snow day really too much to ask for? Apparently so. Since I can’t have a snow day, I decided to use winter wonderland mantel decorations, to remind me of what I’m missing out on. Winter mantle 2014I wanted something very simplistic and clean after all the chaos of Christmas. I layered two empty frames, a few vases, some gold candles, and my poinsettia (which I’ve surprisingly been able to keep alive all this time) with a little banner. I love the way the light from the candles glitters on the snowflakes and makes everything cozy. Candles are actually my go-to post Christmas decor. The house always looks so empty and boring after the holiday decorations get packed up, but having a bunch of candles lit keeps things feeling cozy so I dont get the post-holiday sads.Let It Snow bannerThe banner is made from some gold coasters that I got for Christmas and leftover snowflakes from Christmas decorations. I hand wrote “Let it Snow” in hopes that the Virginia weather would grant my wishes for a few snow flurries.Snowflake mantleAnd can you believe these pictures were taken at night?! I haven’t quite mastered my lighting kit, but I’m so excited about having more time to take photos instead of having to do everything before 2 in the afternoon on a Saturday or Sunday! Game changer.

How did you decorate after the holidays? Do you keep it plain and simple or do you like to keep some of the fun colors out?

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  1. shutup. those photos were NOT taken at night. I am jealous. Because I only have time to take photos on Saturdays or at night and I hate it. Well, I could get up early and take them before work…but let’s be honest..

    We could’ve sent you some of our snow. It was crazy pants. And also, I agree candles help with the coziness

  2. Adorable! I always get said when the Christmas decorations come down too because the house just seems to feel so empty. We usually take things down in stages. The tree right after New Year and then the greenery and other stuff comes down sometime in early January. That way we can extend the Christmas celebration a tad bit longer.

  3. Very cute!! I got fed up with snow and removed anything and everything snow related from our house! Haha I just couldnt bear to think about more snow!

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