Glitter Snowflake Wreath

Instructions for creating two different versions of a glitter snowflake wreath. Both are fun, colorful, and, of course, glittery!

My colorful glitter snowflake wreath that I made back in 2013 is one of my favorite winter craft projects, but after 7 years of use it wasn’t looking it’s best any longer. Since I still love the wreath, I decided to revisit this project and make another version. My second glitter snowflake wreath is just as cute and fun. It was also simple and completely free to make!

glitter snowflake wreath

This post was originally published on January 14, 2013. The original wreath was inspired by this glittery snowflake wreath made by Cassie of Hi Sugarplum in 2012. 

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My Original Glitter Snowflake Wreath

Here’s a list of the supplies that you’ll need:

I bought a flat wreath form at Michael’s for $2 and painted it a gray/silver color. I decided to paint it, just in case any of the wreath form was visible behind the snowflakes. Then I hot glued my snowflakes to the form. I started with the pink snowflakes and then layered the blue and white over them. I placed the snowflakes in an alternating pattern to try to cover up as much of the wreath form as possible. These were foam snowflake ornaments from Target that I bought at 90% off after Christmas. Another option would be foam snowflake cutouts, which are available year-round from most craft stores. 

After all of the snowflakes were hot glued in place I smeared some glue all over the snowflakes and added glitter to the whole thing. You can never have too much glitter on a winter wreath! 

glitter snowflake wreath

This project turned out so cute! It’s so colorful and glittery. It’s the perfect project to chase away the winter blues. 

glitter snowflake wreath

My New Glitter Snowflake Wreath


I was lucky enough to be able to recycle most of my supplies from my original glitter snowflake wreath, so this project was totally free for me to make. I had the snowflake ornaments leftover from past winter decorations, plus a few leftover felt snowflakes that I never used back in 2013. I’m a bit of craft supply hoarder and this time it paid off. 

First, hot glue the snowflakes to the wreath form. Then, add a second layer of snowflakes. Be sure to add the second layer over the gaps from the first layer. This will help the wreath from not show through as much. At this point you could either add another layer of snowflakes, or a pop of color. I layered on two of my leftover felt snowflakes in the “corner” with white glittery snowflakes over them and voila! 

glitter snowflake wreath
glitter snowflake wreath

I love both of these glitter snowflake wreaths! Fingers crossed they bring a little bit of winter snow, but not too much! 😉

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  1. All the best projects include glitter. It’s just a fact.

    I’m finishing up the last of my Valentines (?) decorations this week. Maybe I should’ve been normal and just done wintery stuff, I just hate winter so much.

  2. Anything with glitter is automatically awesome but I especially love how this wreath turned out! We usually keep a few things out but since we’re trying to pack it all up, everything has been put away.

  3. I love it!!
    I stocked up on all those snowflakes from Target, too. I got a bunch when they were 50% off, then went back and got 40 more (yes, I have a problem) when they were 10 cents. Definitely have to make a wreath like this with some of them 😀

  4. It looks great! I deifnitely added some winter stuff to take the place of the Christmas stuff. It just wasn’t the same without all my cozy decor. 🙁

  5. This is a really cute wreath. I should head over to Target more and hit up the dollar bins. It’s never good for my budget though when I go.

  6. How cute is this?!! You did an amazing job, and I’ve never noticed the color of your front door before, but I love it!

  7. Super cute; I love the colors you used! I have yet to replace our Christmas wreath with anything. I have been thinking about what I want to do. Hopefully I can make something this weekend.

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