What Real Men Do

That’s right they sew, better yet, they teach their incapable wives to sew.

In preparation for Monday and the sharing of my Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge, I figured it was time I actually learned how to sew. I’m sewing 4, maybe 5, pillows for the challenge. Originally I wanted to sew curtains too, but I just dont have time for both this week. Perhaps next week or the week after?

We started by cutting up an old t-shirt and sewing a small pillow case for Jesse’s camping pillow. Ignore the horribly stained and gross rental carpet that I can’t wait to move away from.We made one large square, then cut 2 rectangles for the other side to create a flap to slide the pillow in. Jesse sewed one side and let me finish up.I was very proud of myself. And after I got started I couldn’t stop! So I made another pillowcase using my pretty fabric!I’ll give a full tutorial to how I did this on Monday, I’m just bragging today. 😉Look at that seam! Why did I think this was so hard? Not that it’s overly easy, I just don’t know why I waited so long! Jesse says I’m a natural because I’m super detail oriented and a perfectionist.Voila! I’m in love! And I think I’ve officially become pillow obsessed!

What are you up to this weekend? Any fun projects or trips? I’ll be cleaning up our mess of an office and making pillows!

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  1. Nice Work! I wanna make some pillows, but I don’t own a sewing machine… 🙁
    This weekend I’ll be in a wedding & attending a car show, while trying not to pass out (I’m really sick.) Have a great weekend of pillow making!

  2. Way to go! You guys are cute! Have fun sewing this weekend! I’ll be painting the kitchen 🙂

  3. How cute! I love that your husband can sew! The pillow looks great, and that seem is professional 😉

  4. WOW! What a great seam! I have no idea how to sew – way to go! It seems like I find bloggers who learn how to make pillows and then they just want to make tons of them. 🙂 Can’t wait to see all your finished products!

  5. Oh no… A purple man cave and now sewing? j/k – I’m down with the purple (Raven’s country up here – just a stone’s throw from Richmond). I don’t sew (although I have been known to use the iron sticky hem stuff). Thanks for stopping by our site today. Do you have a Facebook page? We picked you up on Twitter this afternoon. Hope we’ll see you and Jesse frequently over @ OPC!

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