Weekend Recap – Maleficent and The Continental Richmond VA

Richmond is such a fun city! We spent the weekend exploring the Westhampton area of town and ate brunch at The Continental Richmond VA.

Hello all! Is it just me or do weekends feel shorter in the summer? We are always so busy once it gets warm that we can barely remember what we did! Hence the need for a weekend wrap-up! The weather this weekend was gorgeous, so we spent most of our time outside but we did go to the movies on Friday night to see Maleficent.Maleficent

I’ve been looking forward to seeing this movie for the past year, ever since I heard Disney was making it. It was a new spin on the tale of Sleeping Beauty, which is my favorite Princess movie, and I really enjoyed it. If you like the Disney Princess stories, then this is definitely one I’d recommend seeing. Plus Angelina Jolie made a fabulous Maleficent!

On Saturday we woke up and went to brunch in the city to celebrate our friend’s birthday. We went to The Continental and I had the largest French toast ever. It was topped with berries and Greek yogurt whipped cream and was delicious. Continental French Toast

After brunch, we walked up the street to Pearl’s Cupcakes, one of the only Richmond bakeries with good French macarons. I know, I’m addicted. Pearls macarons

We then headed to the Richmond Greek Festival. Jesse and I used to go to the festival when we were dating but hadn’t been in years. We got wine and beer and wandered through the bizarre, but the lines for food were ridiculous, like over an hour ridiculous, so we opted for Chipotle up the street instead. We can get pretty delicious lamb gyros not far from our house anyway. We also walked up the road to the Kroger where Murray’s Cheese Shop is located and bought more cheese. We got a chevre, a smoked gouda, a smoked cheddar, and a mild Parmesan. Murray's gouda, cheddar and Parm

We spent the rest of our Saturday working on a few house things, grilling some hot dogs, and watching 24. With the new season on Fox right now we decided to go back and watch from the beginning because I’d never really watched it when it was still on. 24-logo

Sunday we spent most of the day helping my little sisters move into their first apartment. It was an adventure moving 4 girls into a townhouse downtown. It also made me a little sad that my baby sisters are growing up. After helping them move we went to a birthday party for another friend. There was delicious food and some drinks, but after the stress of dealing with my sisters vs. my parents I just wanted to kick back with Miller Lite, so I went and got some. It was a lovely evening hanging out and catching up with friends though and when we got home we immediately crashed into bed. Its Miller time

Now I need to detox from all the sugar and food we ate over the weekend and get in a workout! Plus I’m almost done with our tv stand, I’ve been saying that for how long now? How was your weekend? Any fun adventures or good food? Do you tend to get busy in the summer too?

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  1. Ok, now you made me want something sweet. Except that I’m pretty sure we don’t have anything in our house. 🙂

  2. I haven’t been to the Greek Festival in years, but I heard it was crazy this year! Over an hour for food is insane at a festival!

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