Weekend Recap – Happy Halloween Party

Our Halloween was such a blast! I dressed as a Deatheater from Harry Potter for a friend’s Halloween party.

Happy Monday folks! Ok, it’s not really happy, but I only have a half-day at work today so my spirits are up. 😉 I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween weekend! Jesse and I had Friday off from the Whole Life Challenge, so we took full advantage of eating candy, sandwiches and drinking delicious beverages with our friends. I even tried out a new local restaurant called Toast with a friend for lunch. I can’t wait to go back when the Challenge is over! Lunch at ToastAfter work I headed home to get on my costume for our friends’ Halloween party… and to pass out candy. I also recruited Jesse to help me finish decorating our yard for the trick or treaters. I made some floating candles using toilet paper rolls, led candles, paint and hot glue. I really love the way they looked hanging in the tree over the driveway. Floating candles for Halloween

While Jesse was hanging the candles in the trees, I was inside getting my costume together. I love dressing up for Halloween, party or no party.Death Eater costume In the past I’ve been Hermione, a character from Harry Potter (for you non-nerds), but this year I wanted to do something a little different. I pulled my inspiration from Bellatrix Lestrange, even though I wasn’t quite her. I ordered the tattoo (Dark Mark) from Amazon and the hat came from JoAnn, I owned everything else so it was a cheap costume. Jesse went as Captain Kirk, we were an unlikely pair. Captain Kirk and the Death EaterWe had a blast at a Halloween party with our friends after we passed out candy at our own house. We seriously have the best group of friends ever. Halloween partyThe costume winners of the night were definitely my friends K and D and their adorable baby. They dressed as the Incredibles and it was awesome. I didn’t snag a picture of all three of them, but I did get this one of K and Baby. Incredibles costumeOn Saturday we slept in and I spent the afternoon at a baby shower for one of my friends. We went to another local restaurant for dinner, called The Answer Brewpub. They have 36 different beers on draft and serve a variety of Vietnamese food. I had an amazing pork fried rice dish with a side of pho broth, which I didn’t get a picture of because I devoured it in less than 5 seconds.

Sunday was a cleaning/cooking day. I made soup and finished all of our laundry, which is never-ending.

How was your weekend? Did your family have a fun Halloween evening? If you dressed up I want to hear about it! I love costumes!

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  1. Your Bellatrix-esque costume was so hot! Like… not to be creepy… but you rocked it out. And those floating candles are an awesome idea. I may need to steal that for a future party!

    PS: I go to Toast like once a week. I love that place. The bartenders are hysterical. Alex (Zen Kat) and I met up there and had a memorable evening last month.

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