Weekend Recap – Bonefish Grill Richmond VA, Bonfires and Pumpkin Carving

A review of dinner at Bonefish Grill Richmond VA trying the Fall menu and specials. Plus, a fall-themed weekend recap.

Hey there! It’s been crazy around here lately! We are still working on the bathroom, Jesse is still working on his grad school, I’m trying to get in exercise as much as I can, and we started the Whole Life Challenge on Monday. Before we started our challenge we went on a fantastic date night to try out the new Fall menu at Bonefish Grill Richmond VA on Thursday. Bonefish Fall SpecialsWe met at the restaurant on our way home from work, so the date felt a little more special and out of the ordinary for us. We were both still in work clothes and had a ton to talk about over our happy hour cocktails. Normally we talk on the way to the restaurant and are pretty quiet during dinner, so it was a great change of pace. We also had a fantastic server, Mike, so if you’re local I recommend him at the Hull St. location.Date night selfieTheir fall menu looked delicious, more on that a little later, but we stick with the regular menu for appetizers. I know normally people go for the Bang Bang Shrimp at Bonefish, but Jesse and I love mussels so we went with the Mussels Josephine for our app. And we have zero regrets about that decision, they were delicious! Bonefish MussellsWe both wanted to check out the Fall menu for our entrees, because it was so full of delicious looking options. I was so jealous of Jesse’s roasted snapper with shrimp. It looked amazing! Pan Roasted Snapper and ShrimpI, unfortunately, have an allergy to fish (nothing else, just fish itself) so I got the Malbec marinated steak with shrimp with mashed potatoes and broccoli. I wasn’t really too sad about missing out on the fish after eating this steak though! The Malbec created a rich, earthy and sweet sauce that was great with the steak and the shrimp. Malbec Steak and ShrimpOne of the best things about Bonefish’s Fall Crush menu is the wine pairings they have to go with the entrees. Each meal is paired with a wine that compliments the flavor of the dish. For my steak that wine was the Dona Paula Los Cardos Malbec, big surprise since that’s also the wine in the sauce itself. I’m a HUGE fan of Malbec, so I thoroughly enjoyed it all. Bonefish Malbec specialI definitely recommend checking out the Bonefish Grill website to see if there is one near you, then treat yourself to a date night! And I also recommend getting the steak with Malbec sauce! OH! And for dessert we tried their pumpkin creme brulee! It was the stuff Fall dreams are made of! You have to try it!

We kept the good times rolling on Friday by going to our friends’ annual farm party. There’s nothing better than a crisp fall night with a bonfire and good friends. Farm Party 4.0My husband even pulled out his guitar and led the group in a few campfire songs, like Livin’ on a Prayer, Ignition Remix and Dashboard Confessional, you know the classics. The World's Handsomest HusbandWe also carried on our other annual tradition of carving pumpkins together this weekend. Jesse and I like to be a little complicated and a lot nerdy with our pumpkins, like you can see in 2012 and 2013. This year was no exception. Jesse’s pumpkin is the Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter, which actually ties into my costume for this year. Follow me on Instagram to see that on Friday! 😉 Deathly Hallows pumpkinI went the Disney route again this year and carved Olaf. Then I proceeded to prance around the house singing “Do you want to carve a pumpkin?!?!” The details of his face were really difficult and intricate and his mouth actually fell out. I used floral pins to hold all the details in place and it turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself. Olaf pumpkinSo, that’s what I’ve been up to lately! I’ve got one more project I want to finish before Friday (Crunch Time!) and I’m helping a friend decorate her house for a Halloween party on Thursday night, so things are going to stay busy this week. I’m definitely looking forward to a break soon!

How has your fall been going? Is it just me or does October bring a whole new wave of busyness that lasts until the holidays? Are you looking forward to Halloween?

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  1. looks like an amazing weekend- the pumpkins look fabulous and i love that your hubby played his guitar. and those sound like the classics to me!

  2. Olaf is so cute. I CANT EVEN with how well you carved him! Really adorable. And I haven’t been to a Bonefish in years… maybe I will check one out this Fall 🙂

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