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Simple DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath Using Pink and RedRibbon

A cute and simple DIY Valentine’s Day wreath made with a round wreath form, ribbon, small wooden hearts, and a few dabs of hot glue!

I never used to decorate for holidays like Valentine’s Day. It seemed pointless and I really didn’t care about those minor holidays. But this year I was inspired and decided to make a wreath for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Ribbon Wreath

Wreath Supplies

This simple ribbon wreath only took an hour to create. Plus, the supplies were very inexpensive. Gather these supplies to make your own:

  • Round Wreath Form
  • 20 feet of solid colored ribbon
  • 9 feet of patterned ribbon
  • 5 unfinished wooden hearts
  • White craft paint
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Small ribbon for hanging

DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath Directions

I really love the wreaths that Gabbi at Retro Ranch Reno makes by wrapping ribbon around a round wreath form. She also embellishes them with something fun. Originally, I planned to wrap my form with the red polka dot ribbon, but 9 feet of ribbon wasn’t enough. So I switched to the 20 feet of pink ribbon. To start, I dabbed some hot glue on the wreath form, attached the ribbon, and started wrapping. I added more hot glue along the way, just to keep the ribbon in place and tight against the form. Ribbon wreathInitially, I planned to make a bow for the top of the wreath, but I didn’t buy wired ribbon. Non-wired ribbon doesn’t hold its shape like wired ribbon. This resulted in floppy bows that don’t look cute. Instead, I wrapped the red polka dot ribbon in a larger pattern over the pink ribbon. Additionally, I used a little bead of hot glue for each of the red ribbon’s wraps to keep it in place. I used more hot glue for the red ribbon because I worried the larger wraps wouldn’t hold over time.

Making the Heart Banner

For the heart banner through the center of the wreath, I used wooden hearts. I bought the wooden hearts at JoAnn Fabric and Crafts. I painted them white so they would really pop against the pink and red ribbon. Once the paint dried, I hot glued the hearts together in an overlapping pattern. After the glue dried, I hot glued the row of hearts to the front of the wreath. Easy peasy!Pink and Red Ribbon Wreath

I hung the wreath using a thin red ribbon that I tied in a big loose bow. I love the look of the thin floppy bow at the top of this wreath. And now it hangs perfectly on a hook on the front door. I really love the way this DIY Valentine’s Day wreath turned out! It adds a little pop of festiveness to the door. Plus, decorating for a holiday always makes me more excited for the holiday itself. Valentines Day Wreath

This simple Valentine’s Day ribbon wreath adds a festive touch to any front door! The supplies don’t cost a lot of money and are available at any craft store! Get in the holiday spirit with a little crafting!

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  1. Whoa, baby bump!

    Cute wreath! I love the polka dotted ribbon!

  2. jealous that you chatted this them this weekend….more jealous of the yoga pants thing…im wearing my fat pants today and they are tight :( too much snacks this weekend!!

    cute wreath, it looks great on that door color!

  3. Love the Valentine’s Day wreath! I don’t have one, so I might need to make this one!!

  4. Nice wreath! I made a Valentines day garland. My house is so devoid of decoration now that Christmas stuff is down. I need more pieces for all the other holidays

  5. Sounds like an awesome weekend. Fun to meet YHL!

    I love your wreath, too. Very festive. I planned a few projects for V-Day that I never got around to. I Have a few things up for Valentine’s Day past, though. ;)

  6. Susan Maccarelli

    Hi there! I found you at Virginia Bloggers and am just stopping by to say hello. I love your wreath. I love the idea of making your own wreath, but have never done it. I’m a little late to get my act together for Valentine’s Day this year, but maybe St. Pattys :o) Cheers!

  7. Sounds like you had a super fun weekend! I love that wreath!

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