Spring Tulip Table Setting

Tulips are my favorite flower and I love featuring them in my spring decorations. This tulip table setting is colorful and beautiful.

This table was definitely one of my favorite settings ever, mostly because it featured my favorite flowers: tulips. Tulip table settingsThis tulip table setting was thrown together at the last minute because I spent the day of Passover at a funeral for a very close family friend (part of the personal stuff I’ve referenced last week). When I came home I wanted a cheery task to distract me, so I bought some tulips and got to work. Spring Table settingI already had some yellow and pink faux tulips on hand, so I chose pink and yellow for the real flowers to match. I also had some pink and white striped napkins on hand from my birthday in January, which added some extra color and to compliment the faux flower garnish. Passover table settingI also loved having my green bowls from Ballard Design to complete the look of my table. They are fun and a super great quality. Plus they also compliment my green stemless wine glasses! Pink, green and yellow decorEven though a put this table setting together super quickly, I think it’s one of my Passover favorites. You can’t go wrong with pink, green and tulips! Tulip centerpieceSpeaking of tulips, the reason I had those faux tulips on hand is because I used them to make a simple spring wreath for the front door. It was April and I still had a snowflake wreath on the front door. Totally home decor slacker over here. Spring wreathThis wreath was super easy to put together, like ridiculously easy. I simply took a few of the faux tulips and stuck them into a grapevine wreath. Seriously, that easy. The only tricky part was getting the spacing correct, but it wasn’t that much trouble. Spring tulip wreathI love coming home everyday to this cheerful springy wreath. It always puts a bit of a smile on my face, even when I’m sad (or crippled). I think it’s important to make sure that you never stop letting the little things make you smile. Life is always going to be busy, full of disappointments, sad at times, stressful and just plain unfair, but if you let the little things keep you smiling it all seems bearable. Tulip grapevine wreathSo what are your favorite flowers? Do you use them a lot in your spring decor? I also love hydrangeas, but those don’t bloom until closer to the summer. I’m anxiously awaiting that time of year!

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