Today Is the Day!

That’s right folks! Closing day has finally arrived for the Rowlands, if all goes well we should be homeowners by 5pm! We went to the house last night to do a final walk through and Jesse found a few issues that he didn’t think were repaired enough, or quite right, so we have to talk to the contractor and selling agent today and try to get that straightened out. Please send positive thoughts and prayers our way because if we can’t resolve these issues by 2 pm we may have postpone closing! :\

But I’m trying to stay positive and hoping that things go according to plan, and if not we’ll still get the house, just later. So in keeping with the house theme, I have another mood board for you today! It’s the one for the master bathroom that I promised last week and didn’tΒ deliver. Our master bathroom is a little small, with only one window (wood trim) and 2 dark wood doors (one for the linen closet and the other is the regular door). Sorry the picture is so small!

My goal was to keep the room bright and airy and play off all the wood with a nature theme. Since the floors are white tile I know that there will need to be some richness added to the floor to keep this room grounded.-The vanity has a single sink that I’d one day like to replace with double sinks and stain the vanity itself a more rich color instead of the builders’ default orangey 80’s color.
-I’d like to frame the existing mirror in a natural-looking rough rich wood.
-I want to keep the walls very light and neutral with a light beige. Classic Gray (top) and Alpine White (middle) are my favorites.
-The grandma curtains have to go and I want something light and billowy, like the Lill curtains from Ikea.
-The shower curtain keeps things light and bright, but incorporates nature with the giant tree. (From Target)
-For a more eclectic look I want to use glass jars or containers to hold our toiletries. I’ll be on the lookout for apothecary jars at thrift stores and yard sales for this.
-All the picture frames are Ribba frames from Ikea in the walnut finish. They are a bit expensive (I guess it’s the finish) so I may find square frames elsewhere and spray paint them brown if I need to.
-The nature prints are just randomly pulled from a Google search, so I’m not planning on those exact ones. I just want to use pictures of nature and trees to tie everything together.
-And last but not least, I’ll be reusing our bath mats from JC Penney (in Perfect Chocolate) on the floors in here, as well as some of the towels. I also want to add a few white towels to the mix to keep it light and bright.

What do you think? Any suggestions? Again I ask for positive thoughts and prayers as we attempt to close this afternoon!Β 

Also I can’t help but think of this when I say closing day.

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  1. Sending positive vibes your way! I really hope all goes as planned and you guys are officially homeowners tonight! I love everything about that mood board and the nature theme.

    Thanks for taking us along the ride for the house hunt!

  2. Fingers and toes are crossed…and all my positive vibes are heading your way! I hope you guys are homeowners by this evening!! πŸ™‚

    And great mood board for the bathroom! Love the vanity, frames and jars!

  3. Good luck!! I hope you guys are able to close today!! I love that mood board too! The glass jars are so pretty! πŸ™‚

  4. i love the idea for this room! and if you need some great seasonal, nature photos for framing….let me know! i have some from different travels that might work well for you, and i would love to do that as a house-warming gift, if you’re interested! πŸ™‚

  5. Congrats on closing day! I hope everything went smoothly! Target and Walmart both have some really awesome glass jars – for a low price (If you can’t find any that you like thrifting). I like your ideas for the bathroom!

  6. Good luck today! (even if it’s almost over)

    Love the mood board. Especially the glass jars. I have a thing for glass jars. Also, you seen to be really into nature stuff, but it works!

  7. Congrats! The day before our closing was crazy, too, so I know how you were feeling! Can’t wait to see all that y’all do!

  8. I hope everything went great yesterday! The mood board looks great. The color scheme will turn it into a tranquil place to get ready and make the bathroom seem so much larger. I would love to have a window in my bathroom! I am a huge fan of the shower curtain. I had it in mind to use in a bathroom last year when we thought we might be moving. It will be cool to see how it looks in somebody’s bathroom.

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