Thrifty Thursday

I recently made an AMAZING find while at Good Will! I’ve been on the hunt for colorful, specifically green or blue, glasses to replace the large number of glasses we’ve broken and also to have on display whenever we redo our kitchen and have some glass front doors. I stumbled across these beauties on my lunch break last week and am head-over-heels in love. The first picture is the truest representation of the color, but the lighting is off since I took them last night because of my camera issues. But I absolutely love them! The color! The detail! The size! They are awesome! And I got a set of 6 of them for $8! Yay! 🙂 They also match a few other green glass pieces I’ve picked up over the past year, like our fruit bowl.

The next piece I nabbed was FREE, but it’s from the charity known as MyMomNeverBoughtMeAHousewarmingGiftUntilTuesday 😉 I’ve been wanting a giant clock to go over our tv and I love the one she bought me! We haven’t hung it yet, but here it is Photoshopped in place. I’d say my skills are improving from last time 😉Have you made any awesome thrifty finds lately? Did anyone else wake up this morning and think it was Friday?

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  1. I so thought it was Friday. Ugh. I only have to work 7 hours on Friday instead of the normal 8, so I’m anxious for it to get here so I can get my weekend started an entire hour early!

    Love that clock! We have a giant clock too, which I don’t think I’ve ever posted about, oops. And those glasses are so lovely. I love the color, and the bottoms. I’ve been on the hunt for vintage glasses with graphics on them, but they are super expensive whenever I come across them.

  2. Those are pretty glasses; they will look great on display in your kitchen =) I think you did a great job photo shopping the clock in!

  3. I LURVE your new glasses! Those are some serious vintage beauties! Your mom has great taste; it’ll look awesome!

  4. The vintage glasses look great and are such a great way to add a little color to the kitchen.

  5. Love those glasses! The colour of them is fantastic!

    Jealous of your big clock too! I’ve been on the hunt for one of those for awhile to hang in our living room too.

    Totally thought yesterday was Thursday all day so I agree with you on today feeling like Friday. : (

  6. The glasses are such great finds! Ah! I love how graphic and geometric they are. Can’t wait to see the clock in action. Your photoshop skillz are infinitely better than mine! I wouldn’t even know how to get the picture of the clock on the photo – LOL!

  7. Cheers! I beyond adore those glasses. The color is fantastic and bold. What a great find. They are going to look stunning behind a glass front cabinet. I love that you edited your clock into the picture where it will eventually be hung. I love the hands on that clock. They give the clock a lot of character and style. Really great finds!

  8. Those glasses are the best, my grandma had them. BTW, that was a super steal on them. If you’d bought them at an antique store they would have cost a lot more. I love those kind of bargains.
    I kept thinking it was Friday all day too. So confusing! I wish it had been Friday.

  9. My favorite part?
    how you photoshopped the clock IN THE BOX onto the wall.

    I love it!

    At first I thought “hey, how does she have a niche that fits her clock perfectly? that is reallly lucky” but then I realized it was the box. Bwa-ha-ha… Maybe you should leave it in the box for real!


  10. The glasses are great! Love the texture & shape – and six for $8 is a pretty sweet deal 🙂 They’ll be a nice pop of colour in your future kitchen cabinets 🙂

    The clock was obviously made for that spot above your TV – perfect fit!

    Thanks for your feedback on my This or That post. It really helps to read everyone’s opinions and thoughts behind them 🙂

  11. Those glasses really bring back great memories! My mother had those in the early 80’s and they were wonderful …. great color and not easily broken!!!! You’ll really enjoy them! 🙂

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