This is Halloween – My Halloween Themed Home Decor and Mantel

I love decorating for Halloween, but in a more fun and not-so-scary way. Check out my 2014 Halloween themed home decor and mantel!

Like I mentioned on Monday in my glitter pumpkin wreath post, I’m a little bit of a cheesy person. This is especially true when it comes to the holidays. Give me glitter, ribbon, and every cliche in the book and I will use it to decorate my house. The past two years in our house I’ve only decorated the mantle and the front door for Halloween, but this year I had to do more. So I bring you, my Halloween Themed Home Decor Tour! *que Harry Potter theme song* Halloween mantle 2014Per usual I decorated my mantle first. I used a lot of the same pieces from last year, like the pumpkin, Harry Potter books and “Spooky” statue, but I also added some candles, my owl statue and a fun bat and ghost garland. I kept the mirror from my fall mantle scape up because I really love having a mirror up there to bounce the candle light around. And I know I keep saying it but I’m still totally in love with the way we beefed up the mantle and painted it white. It just makes all my decorations “pop” that much more. Spooky Halloween pieceOf course, I had to add more faux spider webs to amp up the spookiness. I’m not really big into things that are actually scary, so faux spider webs are about as far as I go. Halloween window vignetteIn the dining room I reused my BOO wreath from last year, because I love it and had to incorporate it somehow. Our window has a broken seal, hence all the fog, but it doesn’t look too bad as a Halloween backdrop. I kept the window sill simple with a leaf garland and vase full of leaves and hay. Fall Bentwood stylingOver in the corner of the dining room is Poppy’s Chair, my new Bentwood that I’m obsessed with. I wanted the chair out on display until I can get my new desk and set up an office space for myself, and it works perfectly here in the corner. And since I was on a decorating spree, I had to let Poppy in on the action. Bentwood Halloween vignetteHarry Potter is about as scary as I get for Halloween. Jesse and I have been rewatching all the movies this month, and so I really wanted to bring the books out too. I couldn’t resist adding a witch’s hat to the stack of books, too. It looks like Hermione has been doing some light reading in the dining room. 😉 Spooky branch candlesBack in the living room, next to the tv, you’ll find my other find from Sweet Clover. I loved this awesome silver branch candle-holder thing and when I first saw it I thought it would be perfect for Christmas. After I started playing with the faux spider webs I also realized that it would work great for Halloween. Creepy houses always have candelabras covered in spider webs, so it works.

I’ve also been working on getting the porch ready for Halloween, but we need to go out to the pumpkin patch and get some pumpkins and mums before I can call that project done. You’ll just have to wait and see! I’m having a girls’ craft night at my house on Wednesday, so I’ve got motivation to get it done before then! I’m hoping the more I decorate my house, the more trick or treaters will come by.

Do you decorate for Halloween? I never thought that I would be that person, but now I’m so glad I am. Do you like actual spooky stuff, or are you more Harry Potter and Nightmare Before Christmas?

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  1. love the candelabra with the webs! looks so good! also love bringing the harry potter books into the mix- great idea!

  2. Been reading your blog for a while… I must congratulate you on your great photographic improvements. Your new lens has done wonders for your images, however it’s not just a lens that makes the pictures great; it’s the photographer. I can tell you’ve been practicing! Loved your pictures this post!
    Your decorating style has also improved along the way too. You’re doing great! Keep up the awesomeness 😉

  3. Cute! Now I want to pull out some candle holders and cover them with spider webs!! I said I was going to decorate for Halloween this year, and I have yet to do so. Maybe tonight 😉

  4. I honestly think your window (broken seal or not!) is the cutest feature with your H’ween decorations. I love the “BOO” and the autumnal decor along the window sill.

  5. Love your Halloween decorations! My decorations are mainly “fall” rather than Halloween, but I’d like to incorporate some Halloween decor in with it.

  6. I have to say I am a big fan of that silver candle holder and the Bentwood chair. Those pieces will never go out of style. As much as I love decorating I have not been a big fan of Halloween decorating in my home, but I always admire the creativity of other ladies who are decorating their home with such love and detail.

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