The Rigs of Jerry

You’ve heard of Jerry-rigging something before right? Well our house’s previous owner (who’s name is Jerry, ironically) was the KING of Jerry-rigging. Our home is absolutely beautiful and we love it, but Jerry obviously made a few updates improvements changes over the years and, well, he wasn’t as handy as he thought he was. Examples of his work are the vent over the stove (it isn’t connected to go outside), paint jobs are pretty terrible, he replaced a piece on the wood stove and when we had it inspected they told us he put it on upside down and it was a fire hazard. Greeeeeeeat… Also the kitchen floor is uneven, as in there is a slight slope about 6 inches from the back wall by the pantry. It’s not visible, but after walking around in the kitchen barefoot, we know it’s there, and so does the pantry door. So this past weekend we had to sand the bottom of the pantry door down so it wouldnt scrape the top of the slope and put a hole in the linoleum floor. (Ignore how messy we look, I was mowing the lawn and Jesse had been doing other yard work) We emptied out the shelves and popped them out. Then Jesse used a screwdriver and a hammer to pull the pins out of the hinges so he could take the door down. Out to the garage it goes for a little sanding! Good thing we got that belt sander for FREE from my grandparents’ house recently! And done! It was a 5 minute job, but had to be done!

Now if only I could get Jesse to work on the A-List this weekend…

Happy Friday!! Do you have any fun weekend plans? Or are you working around the house too?

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  1. It’s always great to get these small things done. It seems like such a pain to do it but it usually ends up being a quick fix and you’re really glad it’s over when you finish it. At least that’s how I feel about jobs like these. You have a great pantry there- jealous! Also loving that exposed brick!!

  2. Woot! Our house has a pretty significant slope in the kitchen too. We can’t sand down our backdoor, though, because it’s a super cheap hollow core and we’d probably end up right through it!

  3. Our previous owner did the same thing! He rigged up a bunch of electrical things (and even a gas line that we recently had fixed)…so I shake my fists at both of our previous owners! I’m glad you guys were able to fix the problem though.

    And like everyone else…LOVING that exposed brick! 🙂

  4. Sometimes I feel like the previous owners of our house jerry-rigged everything too!

    Glad you will be crossing things off of your A-list. We are tackling some of those less than glamourous jobs, too.

  5. I’m glad you were able to fix it for the mean time! I’m with Melanie…I love that brick!!

  6. I find it hilarious that for some reason a hammer and a screw driver always seem to be the best method for rmoving hinge pins. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any other method employed.

    My parents rent, so quite a few jerry-riggers came before them. Among many other ridiculous things that resulted from that we had two ceiling fans fall out of the ceiling and make the most terrifyingly loud crash.

  7. It always feels nice to accomplish something on your to-do list. You have a great sized pantry and I agree with everyone else… love the brick.

  8. Glad the pantry door was a quick fix! There are a few quirky things we’ve noticed our landlord do but since it’s not really our house, we don’t mind.

  9. Enjoy this time together ! Being a new-bee to marriage and a first home,crafting etc etc is a special time!!! Its great that you are blogging it all so the memories will stick forever :}!! I also love the brick and what you did with the shades. Nice cheery pop of color!
    Oh and most wekends we dont do much extra exciting,lol,just yard work and house stuff but we have become home bodies over the years and enjoy it(gettin old,lol(43))
    found your blog from the pickin blog :]

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