The Master Plan – Upstairs

And we’re back to finish off the tour of my hopes and dreams for our house with the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms. The upstairs is honestly the bane of my existence (over-dramatic much?) because it’s the place where I made design mistakes left and right and I can’t fix them until the downstairs is done. Jesse and I made a deal that I wasn’t allowed to repaint or redesign rooms until I had done every room, which sounded like a great idea at the time. But I definitely didn’t see myself, or my style, changing so much over a two year period, so now I’m stuck day-dreaming about these rooms waiting for the day when I can redo them!

Loft Hallway – This space is difficult to come up with a direction for because it opens to the whole house. It needs to compliment the living room and foyer, while also flowing into the bedrooms.

  • Paint the back wall, maybe do a stencil. I have no idea what color I’d like to do though.
  • Add another arm chair and small table to create a seating place, or maybe just a side table and get rid of the chair?
  • Hang art and a mirror above where the chair is currently.
  • Replace the boob lights with something more modern, like these.

master bedroom 11.2013masterbedroom2 11.2013Master bedroom – This room is probably the biggest source of my frustration. My vision when we first painted was to use our wedding colors (green and purple) everywhere and have be light and springy, but now I hate it. Also the lump in the bed is from Jesse’s feather mattress topper. I like a firm bed and he likes it soft, so he bought a twin size topper for his side of the bed. Just keeping it real, and I was too lazy to take it off and remake the bed.

  • Paint the walls a nice cozy color, like what’s in the master bath currently.
  • Switch out the bedding for something crisp and solid white.
  • Add fun throw pillows to the bed to break up the white.
  • Build Jesse a matching nightstand for his side of the bed.
  • Hang a large, decorative mirror over the bed (or the window art)
  • Refinish the dresser in either white or a darker stain.
  • Build a bench for the end of the bed, or put an armchair and table where the dresser is currently.
  • Add a large standing mirror to the room somewhere.
  • Replace the curtains with something more airy and a soft pattern of some kind.
  • Replace the fabric on the headboard to compliment the curtains and white bedding (if the burlap looks clashy when I’m done with everything.

bathroom first stageMaster bath – Even though I just painted this room, I’m still not that happy with it. I wanted this color in the bedroom, but I had to honor the deal so it’s in here instead. We’d love to do a full overhaul of this room in the not so distant future so this is good enough for now.

  • Repaint with either a pale green (like the current master bedroom color) or blue.
  • Retile the floor with a darker and larger tile, like large slate gray rectangular tiles.
  • Replace the vanity and sink with something more modern and double sinks (this will require a plumber to add the piping for a second sink).
  • Retile the shower, dark tiles on the floor and white on the wall since it’s a small stall shower.
  • New, softly patterned curtains hung from the ceiling.
  • New rugs that lightly colored, maybe a pattern.
  • New mirrors! Either two, one above each sink, or one large one.

guest bath 11.2013 guest bath2 11.2013Guest bathroom – The color of this room is really what bothers me, that and the chair rail. I tried to live with it, but having this room two toned drives me nuts.

  • Remove the chair rail
  • Paint. I love the shower curtain and think a soft blue, or pink if I can get away with it, would compliment it WAY better and carrying the color to the ceiling would make the room more cozy and less daunting.
  • Replace the vanity and cabinets in here too with something more modern, maybe double sinks for when we have kids that share this bathroom? Paint the vanity in the meantime.
  • A prettier, framed mirror above the sink.
  • Hang shelves above the toilet with accessories.

Mancave/office – Right I feel like this room still screams “college guy” and it drives me crazy. This is Jesse’s space so I know I can’t do whatever I want, but it definitely needs to be a little more “grown up.”

  • Repaint the purple wall a darker, more sophisticated purple and less Barney.
  • Build a large two person desk, like this, along the purple wall with lots of storage to keep clutter off the desk.
  • Replace current computer chairs with something more stylish, maybe I can convince him to give up the wheels?
  • Add a bookcase or armoire for storage, maybe with drawers and doors to hide clutter.
  • Get rid of the futon and add a leather armchair and ottoman for in front of the windows instead.
  • Purchase and frame all three original Star Wars movie posters to hang above the desk.

Guest room – The yellow in these pictures is way off. It’s much more soft and buttery in person, and I still love the color. Hooray for not wanting to repaint every room and for being able to work on this room whenever I get the urge, which has not been lately.

  • Paint or replace the dresser. I’m just not a fan of it and would love a different/smaller piece in here.
  • Get rid of the book shelf and put a small sewing table/desk there instead so I have a work place.
  • Hang curtains with a pop of color!
  • Build a window seat for the window in the nook with added storage.
  • Buy/create a headboard and a nightstand
  • Hang a giant map on the wall across from the bed
  • Add art and a mirror somewhere in the room.
  • Replace the light fixture, maybe with a ceiling fan to help keep guests comfortable.
  • Convert the closet into an organized craft nook for me, like this or this.
  • Replace closet doors with curtains, or maybe paint them a fun color to break up all the wood on that wall.

In reality it looks like the upstairs may be the most expensive part of the house to redo, but that’s only because of wanting double sinks in the bathrooms and new vanities. Why do bathrooms have to be so darn expensive?! Aside from that everything just needs a fresh coat of paint and a few new accessories so they can better match my tastes and not drive me bonkers whenever I walk into them!

Do you have any rooms in your house that drive you absolutely crazy? Or something that you decorated a while back and it is just not your style anymore? Tell me I’m not alone!

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  1. lol yes at least one room you want to keep the color. Looks like your list is miles long…as is mine 🙂 but at least you are organized and have a good idea of what you want.

    also my suggest for the loft would be to add a pretty hallway table? I like the idea of a chair there but it depends if you ever use it. Do you think you will ever sit on the chairs there and relax?

  2. Oh my gosh, I have so many rooms to redo, I’m right there with you. We just bought our house in May and it’s been empty for about 5 years. It was built in the 50s and has bits of decor from every decade since. Including awful wallpaper, swans painted on bathroom tiles, pastel color tubs, sinks, turquoise sinks in random hallways, popcorn ceilings. oh my gosh it’s craziness.

    Also, I love that dresser in your guest room. If I was still in Virginia, or roadtripping anytime soon, I’d totally take it off your hands! And I love the built in nook idea for that room too!

  3. I got so excited when I found your blog a few weeks ago that I have been reading back, but now I’m sad the new posts are so far apart!

    1. Thanks Tracy!! My cut down on posts was not intentional, just an unfortunate result of sickness and working a lot of overtime! Stick around! Things should be back to normal soon! 🙂

  4. Yes, I know all too well about the changing tastes and styles. Sigh. We started our house before pinterest…pinterest changed everything. Your upstairs looks great. I can’t wait to watch as you update and make changes. Love the green shower curtain in the one bathroom. And, I really like the darker caller in the other bathroom. I think it’s fantastic.

  5. Girl, I do this all the time! So don’t feel bad; you aren’t the only one! I have painted our front room twice now and luckily I love the second color. I think your house is adorable though, especially your yellow guest room! Everything is always a work in progress! Just keep doing what makes you happy, and don’t beat yourself up if you change your mind!!! 🙂

  6. You are funny. You are like me. I haven’t told Kevin that I want to repaint…he would have a fit! I really like your master bath. Maybe just paint the bedroom the same, but add a stencil to the bath to mix it up. Good luck with everything!!

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