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Things have been slow around here, there haven’t been many house projects, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything around the house! I’ve made a few little and very temporary changes to add some life to the house. The first thing I did was get some Command strips, the Velcro kind for hanging picture frames, and made a gallery wall on the big wall of our living room. Nothing bothers me more than big empty walls. living room gallery wall decorPlease ignore the horrible flesh colored wall. It’s disgusting and we’ll be having a professional paint it (because it’s so tall and we’d screw it up) soon. But it definitely does look better than nothing. living room gallery wallThese are all some of my favorite and most fun pictures that we have. And they just make me smile. 🙂living room gallery wall photosIn the top left is a picture of my Grampy and I together on my wedding day in a frame sent to me by Karah, below that is my siblings and I together that I gave my mom for Christmas, the bottom one is one of Jesse and I’s engagement pictures. The collage frame contains pictures from our wedding and an awesome 20s party that we attended a few years ago and above that is an awesome picture of Jesse on our honeymoon with some storm troopers. living room gallery wall photoWe’ve got another picture of me with my siblings (girls only) on the other side and then a picture from my college graduation, which was 3 weeks after our wedding so we were glowing with newlywed bliss. 😉 Basically all of these pictures make me smile because the contain such great memories!

Another spot I updated in the living room was our mantle because unfortunately, you can’t have Christmas decorations up all year round. simple winter mantleI kind of went for the minimalist look for my winter mantle. Just some snowmen (my fingers are crossed for a big snow before winter is over) and blue and white bottles.january winter mantleNothing says winter to me like white and blue, and the mercury glass bounces off so nicely when a candle is lit inside. winter mantle decorationAnd like I said, cute little snowmen to show that I really want some snow this winter!mantle decorationsOf course nothing is more cold weather appropriate than our wonderful woodstove that we just cannot get enough of this winter!

There were also some changes in our bedroom! Nothing perverted, just some new art. That I am in love with.gone with the wind printI ordered it from a wonderful Etsy shop, and I got it for free with two other prints (Valentine’s surprise for Jesse). Gone With the Wind is one of my favorite movies of all time and I cannot get enough of Rhett Butler! bedroom gallery wallI love our little happy gallery wall in this room too! I actually just love gallery walls in general apparently. 😉bedroom photography decorationsRefinishing that dresser is still on my to do list too…

How about you guys? Any new small touches to your house that make you a little happier? Have a great weekend yall! 🙂


  1. Looks like a nice, sentimental collection. But you need some more and bigger ones to take up the wall. My husband and I are buying a new house and the first thing I said to him when I saw the stairs was there is no room for my gallery wall (it’s a pretty closed staircase) like I had on the staircase of our first house. Gotta find a new location I guess.

  2. I can’t wait until you guys get that huge wall painted! I’m so anxious & excited about it.

    The gallery walls look great! 🙂

  3. I love your little gallery walls! I keep thinking I need to do one, I just can’t settle on the right thing. We have those same tall walls that are hard to decorate and near impossible to paint. I painted the lower part of ours and my dad used a giant ladder to do the rest. It’s good to have free help 🙂

    We just got our dresser/TV console done and in place last night. I couldn’t be happier.

  4. Looking good! Hanging pictures is the best! I always want to hang EVERY picture though. Sounds like you did a good job picking ones that are important 😀

    We have scary high walls above our stairs that we need to hire someone to paint, too. It’s just annoying since we’re perfectly able to paint, just not that hight!

  5. Kristen | Popcorn on the Stove

    I love those velcro command strips! We don’t add holes because we’re renting but since you’re planning to get the wall painted, it’s probably best that you’re not adding holes yet. Anyway, I love the gallery wall and that everything up there is sentimental 🙂

  6. Ahh I LOVE that Gone With The Wind print! That’s one of my all-time favorites too! Book and movie both!

  7. Love the gallery walls! I love that they have sentimental photos in them and make you smile- that’s the most important part. The new print is really sweet too. Have a great weekend!

  8. Krystle @ Color Transformed Family

    I really like your Gone with the Wind print… great find.

  9. Looks great!! That Etsy print is so sweet! 🙂

  10. i also love mercury glass i just purchased 4 large mercury glass candles from walgreens on clearance for less than two bucks each!!

    also i love that new print! I am thinking a gallery wall for our bedroom too.

  11. Command strips are TOTALLY my go-to when it comes to hanging things. I use them for everything you see on our walls (as long as it’s not a heavy item haha). And sometimes getting all the little things done is as fun as getting the big things done. Your touches look great! I’m super happy I just got a bunch of art done and hung and put together our winter mantel. It’s nice to fill the walls up in here. 🙂

  12. i love your blog. you are cool. but the gallery wall in your living room is too small for that large space. the arrangement, placement and sizes are perfect but find a smaller wall for it or add lots more. sorry; not trying to be rude, just helpful.

    • No worries! I know it’s too small, I’m just working with what I’ve got for now. We have plans to paint this wall a dark gray in a few months, so no point in buying a bunch more frames and things when I’ve got other plans. This is just temporary 🙂

  13. I love both your gallery walls and the mantel is so cheerful. Love the idea of a big empty frame.

  14. I love gallery walls too! Yours are coming along and I love your pretty new prints!

  15. I love the glass collection on your mantel! It’s so strange seeing snowmen as decorations after Christmas for me since the past month or so it’s been in the 70s nearly every day here in Austin. I really miss snow, but I kind of love living in vacation land!

  16. Giant walls are the worst to attempt to decorate, aren’t they? I really like how the gallery gives the wall a little somethin’. And I love the new print in your bedroom. Confession: I’ve never watched Gone With the Wind.

  17. Whitney @ drab to fab

    Your wall of frames looks great! I agree, sometimes it’s the little things that make me so happy!! If I had that stove I’d be in heaven in the winter!!

  18. I hear you on it being slow lately…for us too. I’m having a hard time getting motivated! I love your gallery wall, especially that big chunky blue frame amongst the black, it’s such a fun pop of color!

  19. I love the Rhett Butler quote!! Yeah!! Gallery walls are the best.

  20. Kelly @ Corner of Main

    Everything looks really great! I like the new print from etsy and that “R” is pretty cool too! =)

  21. ali thompson

    love that mercury glass. and of course, a photo wall is a must. looks great!

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