The Infamous Table Finally Revealed

How’s that for a dramatic title? The table that Jesse and I have been working on is finally ready for his blog debut! 🙂 I’ve got a ton of pictures and a whole how-to ready to go, but today will just be about the pictures. Isn’t it beautiful? I’m seriously in love!I love the dark walnut stain that we used on the table top. I pet it, a lot.And of course I had to pull out some of my dishes and make a faux table setting. Well kind of. I didn’t have enough clean glasses or silverware to finish haha.I’ll have my how-to post, plus details about the chairs and other table related things on Friday. Today was all about the eye candy.

Here’s the full post (with cut list and instructions) for building this DIY farmhouse table! 

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  1. This looks lovely, we have chairs like this and I am trying to persuade Rodney to paint them but he isn’t convinced, so I will show him this pic as more evidence that it looks awesome!! xox

  2. Oh, she’s so pretty! I know, tables don’t have a gender, but…. I love it! Makes me want to do something different with my table. Like embrace the ridiculous Formica table top. Sigh.

  3. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I cannot believe that is DIYed! Like, I refuse to believe it. Just kidding!

    You guys did such an amazing job! Seriously amazing!

  4. LOVE IT! Seriously! You guys did such a great job! It totally doesn’t look DIY-ed! I love the colour combo you went with and the white chairs look great!

    Pick me! I’ll come for dinner! I would like a chocolate souffle for dessert please- they looked so good…

  5. I do, I do!

    That table is absolutely, positively gorgeous. I’m so impressed!

    Did you take the photos with your new camera?? 😉

  6. Your table is beautiful and I think we are going to copy you… Have been looking at plans to make my own. I do have a question though- have you found that crumbs get stuck in between the cracks? Or does the polyurethane make it all smooth? We have kids so I just want to find out before we start…

    1. I haven’t had any problems with dust or crumbs yet! We plan on using another coat of a thicker poly when it warms up which I’m sure will help with that too! 🙂

      I also throw a table cloth or sheet down if we are eating something super messy or making crafts on the table, just in case 🙂

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