The House Hunt is On!

Like I told you on Monday, we put on our game faces and kicked off the house hunt on Sunday!

No we didn’t go house shopping in face paint, but this is the best picture I had of our “game faces.” Anyways let’s get serious! Jesse and I are both very excited to be looking for a home that we can paint, decorate, populate with little ones and just have as our own! That being said, trying to find the right house in our price range is going to be a frustrating and stressful experience. In my head (and I know this isn’t realistic at all) we were going to look at a bunch of places, pick a few to tour, and fall in love. Instead we looked and looked and didn’t agree and didn’t find anything we could afford, right now. Our lease on our current home doesn’t end until February so we have time and chances are most of the prices for the houses we’ve looked at will drop before we are ready to buy but…. it’s still frustrating.

All of that being said, we ARE excited! And we learned a bit about what we want in a house. Some of those things match up, others do not. We’ll start with my list! And the plan is next week (since we wont do much hunting over the Thanksgiving holiday) Jesse will share his list!

Location, location, location! With little ones in the future we want a safe, child-friendly neighborhood so our kids can frolic and play. We also want a decent sized yard with room for running, a swing-set and a garden.
4 bedrooms. We will definitely be buying at least a 3 bedroom, but I would like 4. We had a 4 bedroom and 4 kids and it was a good fit and since Jesse and I want around 4 kids I think it will be the perfect size! I also have an irrational fear of moving, since up until I got married I’d never moved before.
Open floor plan. Even a small house can feel big with an open floor plan! Plus it’s perfect for when little ones start walking!
Large kitchen! We love to cook and in our house now there is zero counter and cabinet space! So I want lots of space in the future! After following certain blogs, like Young House Love, I’d love to do a kitchen remodel to make it custom but I don’t think Jesse is on board for that one! …YET!!! Hehehe!
Hardwood floors! Be it Pergo or bamboo, whatever! I think they look nicer and are easier to clean!. Carpet gets gross and can smell bad and our current house has all tile downstairs (yep living room and dining room too!) and I feel like it is never clean!
A porch. I really want to be able to put a swing or some rocking chairs on my front porch and sit and talk with friends or hold hands with my Hubsy sipping lemonade.
A deck for cook outs and watching the children play. Almost as important as a front porch I want a deck for grilling out and enjoying warm nights with friends and family.

Now I know that certain things can be installed or adjusted as time goes on, but these are the elements in a home that I’m really looking for. Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post… but go to my Pinterest and you’ll see lots of ideas I have for our future home!

In other news Regan at Renovating Rothenbergers awarded me the versatile blogger award! The rules are I have to share 7 things about myself and pass it on, but since this post is sooooo long already I’ll be doing that tomorrow between turkey comas! Thanks again Regan!!

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  1. It sounds like you have a good list of things you’re looking for in a home. . . Justin and I started out with a list of “wants” and “needs”. We slowly started to change some “needs” to “wants”. The one things we were pretty adamant about was buying in to a great neighborhood in a good school district. I’m so glad we stuck to that! There are a lot of things we’d like to change about our house – and hopefully in time we can – but we’re stuck with the location, so i’m glad we kept that as our #1 priority. I”m looking forward to reading about what Jesse’s priorities are – it’s usually pretty funny what guys value most 🙂

    Have a great Thanksgiving!!

    1. School is so important and because of the area we are looking to buy in I’m actually leaning towards private school or even home schooling because the schools just aren’t that great. But there are some good neighborhoods so that’s where our focus lies.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  2. Yay homeschooling! I always chuckle inside when I see the school district and think, “I’ll never have to worry about that.” Your list sounds a lot like ours. I’m going to guess that Jesse’s going to want some kind of garage or shed for projects. Though I suppose you can always build sheds later so maybe he won’t care that much.

  3. That’s a great list! I agree with Regan about location- it’s the most important. You can always renovate and make changes inside the house but you can’t change where it is. We had to make compromises when we bought but I couldn’t be happier with our final choice. Hang in there and it’s worth it to wait for the right one. I know it’s hard because you are excited but you won’t regret the wait once you find “the one”. Good luck on your search!

    And I understand the fear of moving. I had it too- I only lived in one house before I moved to our current place. It was a big change but it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

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