The Easiest and Most Inexpensive DIY Foldable Beer Pong Table

Want to play some beer pong? Check out this tutorial for the easiest and most inexpensive DIY foldable beer pong table!

We’re going to be hosting a party soon for my husband’s birthday so, I thought it would be fitting to share our most recent project: a DIY foldable beer pong table.  beer pong table1

Beer pong is one of our squad’s favorite games, but we didn’t have a proper table to play on. Since we host plenty of parties we decided it was time to build our own beer pong table. We didn’t want the table to take up too much space in the garage, so made a DIY foldable beer pong table.

A beer pong table is 8 ft. long and 2 ft. wide. You set up 10 cups in a triangle at either end and take turns shooting a ping pong ball into the other person’s cups of beer. If you make it in, they have to drink the cup of beer, the first person to knock out all of their opponent’s cups of beer wins. We got our 8×2 board at Lowe’s for about $12 and a set of metal legs for less than $20. beer pongThen it was just a matter of attaching the legs to the board. Jesse used some extra scraps to do the attaching. beer pong tableAnd that’s it! It’s seriously THAT easy! And he thoroughly enjoyed breaking it in at my birthday! ;)

So there you have it! The birthday boy’s favorite DIY project thus far! If your boy likes to drink, this cheap and easy project could be perfect for him too!

Like drinking games? Check out the rules for our version of True American!


  1. Ok you guys have majorly won over my admiration (not that I didn’t like you guys before :) ), first the cheese steaks and now a beer pong table. What makes me smile here is the fact that you built it to the “regulation” length, that’s so important. I hate when I goto parties and they have like a 6′ long table.. completely changes the game.

    What are your playing rules? My fraternity used the “every team gets a turn to throw rule,” but I know a lot of people use the “if we sink both cups, we get to throw again” rule. More importantly, when we sank both balls in the same cup, that counted as 3 cups. If a team got completely shut out, they had to disrobe and run around the fraternity house in plain view of the neighbors and other party goers. Fun times.

  2. I’ve never played regulation length beer pong, we always end up playing on a picnic table, since it’s all that’s usually around. So your table seems super long to me. We also don’t play with beer in the cups, just water, because of dirt, since we usually play outdoors.

    The banquet legs were an awesome idea! Travis wants to build a beer pong table when we buy a house, so I’ll have to show him this.

    Happy Late Birthday, Jesse!

  3. Whitney @ drab to fab

    I love this!! Happy birthday to Jesse!! Beer pong is always a blast….although I haven’t played in awhile so I’d probably need to brush up on my skills! :)

  4. Kristen | Popcorn on the Stove

    This is a great birthday present! Happy belated to Jesse!

    We played with the “if we sink both cups, we get to throw again” rule, but if you got both balls in the same cup, you would win. Sometimes (depending on who you played), you could try to blow the ball out before it fell into the beer. After a while, we ended up playing with water in the cups and then just drinking our beer from the cans because those floors with beer and mud and who knows what was just too gross (and after a while, those water cups didn’t help).

  5. I bet my hubby would love to have his own beer pong table! Too bad his birthday was a couple of weeks ago, guess he’ll have to wait till next year ;-)

    It’s not specifically a party game, but my favourite game to play at parties is Cranium :-)

    Happy Birthday to Jesse!

  6. Amy@BuffaloRoam

    Very cool project! Happy birthday to Jesse… and sorry about your friend. :(

  7. Regulation size beer pong table?! AMAZING!

  8. Haha…this is awesome! I love that you have a go-to beer pong table ready to go! Happy birthday to Jesse! :)

  9. We play the “if we sink both cups, we get to throw again” rule and we also follow the streaking if you get shut out rule! haha.

  10. That last comment was supposed to go under John’s… clearly that didn’t work. haha.

    I love that you made this regulation length! If I show Shayne, we will definitely have to build one now too. haha. We usually just use the dining table whereever we happen to be or a folding table. We also play with cups of water because we ended up knocking cups over and wasting beer or the balls would get all dirty from the floor and end up in your cup which was not pleasant. We play the rule where you can blow the ball out if it hasn’t hit the water yet- that’s usually pretty entertaining. haha.

    Happy birthday to Jesse! Hope you guys have a better day today.

  11. Jess @ Little House. Big Heart.

    We play with water cups too (and have since college)! There’s so much puppy hair floating around everywhere it would just be too gross if we didn’t!

    If Kevin sees this we’ll be making one of these for sure. Oh man. I just got an idea. We’re thinking about making a long, thin trestle table for out on our new patio… what if we made it regulation link? It would make parties on the patio that much more epic…

  12. Kelly @ Corner of Main

    Awesome. My game of choice is definitely flippy cup, but I am sure this is just as fun!

  13. Happy Birthday, Jesse!

    Awesome project! We used to play beer pong a lot at parties, but nowadays we play a lot of slappy cup. It’s a combination of flip cup and quarters. Very intense game.

  14. Happy birthday Jesse! I LOVE the table… the banquet legs are genius! My favorite of our house rules is the NBA Jam rule (After two shots in a row that you make it, you have to say “Heeeeee’s heating up!” and then if you make the third and shout “He’s on fire!” you get to shoot until you miss).

  15. This is so cool! My Hubs would love this as well. I may have to make him one of his own!

  16. Kim @2justByou

    This is awesome! I’m visiting from a Hey Girl post I just saw at Silo Hill Farm blog and had to swing by to check it out. Maybe I’ll be able to join before it ends. Even if I don’t join, I’m having a great time viewing all of yours and others. Bloggers ROCK!

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