The Best TV Shows of 2013

I spent a lot of time watching TV in 2013. Here are the best TV shows of 2013! At least, in my opinion, they were the best!

Since work and things have been crazy lately I’ve really been embracing my time at home as “me” time. My favorite form of “me” time is watching television, usually while reading blogs. I’m kind of a television junkie, each show offers this weird escape into an alternate reality and I love it. Here are the best TV shows of 2013:

Sunday nights:

Once Upon A Time – A mix of fairy tales and drama, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with this combination!Once_Upon_A_Time

Revenge – Doesn’t the title say it all? There’s scandal, romance, drama and murder, plus it makes me want to move to the Hamptons.revenge

Downton Abbey – It’s like a soap opera but not as trashy. Everyone wears classy clothes and has a British accent and speaks properly.DowntonAbbey


Castle – I just love Nathan Fillion, plain and simple. He’s today’s Han Solo, and he just so happens to be solving murders.castle_tv_show

Switched At Birth – Two girls switched at birth at the hospital and one of them is deaf. I love watching them sign and the way they cut out background noise when people are communicating via ASL only.Switched-at-Birth

Hart of Dixie – Dr. Hart, of NYC, discovers her bio-dad, who she never met, has left her his practice in a small town in Alabama. There are a lot of fake country accents, but I got over it.HART OF DIXIE

The Bachelor – I tried to avoid watching this season because it’s ridiculous, but I’ve been sucked in! I want to punch everyone on that show in the face though.the_bachelor_logo


Pretty Little Liars – Four best friends are being stalked, black mailed and threatened by the mysterious A after the murder of the friend that brought them all together.pretty-little-liars

The Lying Game – Long lost twins discover each other, but they can’t figure out why they were separated and why it seems like someone is trying anything and everything to keep them apart. Plus one of them is a B so she adds a lot of drama.The-Lying-Game


Modern Family – This is Jesse and I’s favorite show to watch together. It’s hilarious, plus we are Phil and Claire. It’s actually kind of scary.modern_family

Catch up on whatever I’ve missed during the week so far. Most of these shows come on at the same time, so I have to catch up on different days.


Grey’s Anatomy – Hot doctors, drama, this is seriously my all time favorite show. I usually watch this while Skyping with my best friend that lives in Florida.grey's anatomy

Glee – I love musicals, so what is not to love about a musical tv show? The story line sucks sometimes, but I dont mind because I just love the music 🙂glee

That’s a lot of tv. I’m actually kind of ashamed now that I wrote it all out, especially since I have a ton of secondary shows that I watch if we stay in on the weekends too. I can’t help it! TV is my escape, sure I could read a book, but I can’t fold clothes, Skype, drink wine and read blogs all while reading books 😉

How bout you? Are there any other tv junkies out there? Please tell me I’m not alone!

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  1. I loooooove grey’s! (Even thought it’s ridiculous) and we got into Modern Family just this year but love it already.

    Our other favourites are The Office, Homeland, Borgen, The Killing (The Danish one -sooo good) and Big Bang Theory.

  2. I don’t watch any of the shows you’ve listed, but I’ve been sucked into the black hole too! The only show we’re watching on tv right now is Catfish. But we’ve been watching tons of Netflix movies & Lost on Netflix.

  3. Oh man. I’m so involved in my shows. It’s ridiculous. And we just got whole home DVR so I can record 5 things, not just two. And I can watch any of my recorded shows anywhere in our house. I’m fairly sure it’s made my problem worse.
    Gilmore Girls. I record it on ABC Family and watch it every day. I know, it’s old. Parenthood. The Office. Fox’s Tuesday night shows, I am completely in love with The New Girl. Royal Pains. Necessary Roughness. Covert Affairs. Bunheads. Burn Notice. Whitney.
    I think I may have a slight TV problem too.

  4. I’m trying really hard to be less of a TV junkie! I love watching The Food Network – Chopped, Iron Chef, Top Chef…. we tend to PVR most of the shows that we watch, so I don’t have any particular night for TV watching. My fave shows are Once Upon a Time, The Mentalist, Hawaii Five-O, Bones, and Big Bang Theory.

  5. I thought I watched alot of TV, haha! Our DVR only handles 2 shows at once so sometimes I have to catch one while its on and tape others between my shows and my husbands. We rarely like the same series except Greys. You need to start watching New Girl, hilarious!

  6. I love Castle & Modern Family as well! And I just recently got into Hart of Dixie (honestly I just started watching because I liked Rachel Bilson on The OC). I watch a lot of TV too but I usually try to limit it to watching while I’m working out. That way it doesn’t seem like such a huge time suck..

  7. I watch Revenge and Hart of Dixie too! And Grey’s…ahhh, it’s been a favorite of mine for years, but I’m starting to not love it as much.

    I also watch both NCIS shows, Homeland, Chicago Fire and Scandal.

    I almost never watch the shows when they are on…I love DVR’ing everything so I can watch them later in the week with my hubby. 🙂

  8. I have a tv problem too! I am so into my shows! haha. I also watch Castle and Greys has been a long time favourite of mine- since the beginning actually! I really liked Private Practice (it’s a spin off of grey’s with Addison but it just ended last Tuesday). I really like Parenthood, The Good Wife, New Girl, Big Bang and Whitney as well. Plus How I Met Your Mother (although I’m starting to not love that one as much). I could go on too… man I have a problem! haha.

  9. I’m so with you on Downton Abbey, Greys, and Castle. BTW, I watched all of series 3 of Downton on-line and it was amazing (no commercials and no waiting!).

  10. We used to not watch ANY shows, and now thanks to Netflix I get sucked in. Currently waiting to get Downton season 2 from the library, obviously watch the Bach! Also totally into Psych and White Collar…and…Sister Wives. Yep, I said it.

  11. I LOVE Once Upon a Time!! I look forward to it every week – I’m sad that it wasn’t on this past week, or this coming week. ahhh! PS – I’m totally crushing on Hook 😉 haha

    I pretty much watch everything recorded, so I don’t actually know when things are on… haha but I watch: How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, New Girl, Nashville, & The Carrie Diaries.
    When they come back, I also watch Game of Thrones and Warehouse 13 (my nerdy SyFy show haha)
    Oh, and I just watched all six previous seasons of 30 Rock. And I watch Friends almost every night on Nick-at-Nite.

    …hmm… maybe I need a TV intervention… lol

  12. You have quite the line up!! Monday night Bachelor is my jam…I thoroughly enjoy making fun of them all!!

  13. We used to do Glee, but kind of fell off watching since the newest season. We also used to watch Once Upon a Time more, but haven’t as much lately. The shows I enjoy are: Happy Endings, New Girl (what is wrong with Jesse?), Castle (Nathan Fillion is absolutely the modern Solo, Meredith and I were just talking about this the other day), The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Raising Hope, Parks and Rec, Grimm, Ben and Kate, and Person of Interest.

    I don’t really have a primary and secondary watch list though. We don’t have DVR so we just watch whatever we can when it’s on and hope we don’t miss too much.

  14. I love Greys, and I think I need to get on this Downton Abbey bandwagon! I saw that the episodes from seasons 1 & 2 are on demand for free, so I think a marathon is in order 😉

  15. Clearly I watch The Bachelor– And I totally looked up who won already. I think I would be a better fit for Mr. Sean though 😉 I also LOVE Modern Family! Those are the only two I watch from your list!

  16. My favorites are Once Upon a Time, Castle, and Hart of Dixie – I love those shoes!! I try to only pick 3 shows per season to watch, but I usually end up getting sucked into a few more, haha

  17. I’ve been so bad about watching tv lately… I haven’t watched any Downton Abbey yet and I fell off the wagon for Once & Revenge (but I’ll end up watching it all on Hulu and catching up). Lately, I’ve been into the New Girl, the Mindy Project, and HIMYM 🙂

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