Spooky Halloween Mantel Decor

Love Halloween, but not the super scary bits? I put together some fun, “spooky” Halloween mantel decor that is festive, but not so scary.

I’ve never been the person that decorates for Halloween, aside from a few decorations outside to draw in the trick-or-treaters. But since I had so much fun making my decorations for the front door I decided to expand them inside and decorate my mantle too! Halloween mantleMost of my supplies for my Halloween mantel decor came from JoAnn Fabric and Crafts or the Dollar Spot at Target. I got the paper mache witch’s hat at JoAnn and spray painted it black. I added the Harry Potter books for some height and also because I love Harry Potter. My go-to costume is always a Hogwarts student.Harry Potter mantle Wine bottles make for quick and easy additions to any vignette. They are great for added height and all it takes is a little spray paint to make them fit the occasion. The red candle votive is actually something I bought for Christmas last you, but red can be spooky too right? And of course it wouldn’t be Halloween if there wasn’t a pumpkin included somewhere! Halloween decorationsI always leave my teal frame up on the mantle, it’s where it lives. I feel like I need a piece like that to always keep the mantle tied to the rest of the room. I dont know, maybe I’m just weird. The little “Spooky” piece was another JoAnn find. It just kind of ties everything together and is the perfect touch for Halloween. I got the little bats and ghosts at the Target Dollar Spot, they are the same ones on the front door. And the “web” was something I picked up from my coworkers when they decorated their offices.Halloween mantle This whole thing now has me thinking that I need to decorate for Halloween more often and even more so! It was so fun to hang bats, ghosts and webs! I think what I like most is how unconventional the decorations are. There’s only so much “classy” that can go into Halloween decor.

Do you decorate for Halloween or do you just stick to fall decorations? I hope you all have a great weekend! 

Some of these supplies were purchased as part of the JoAnn #spookyspaces Celebrate the Season program, but all opinions are my own. 

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  1. My decorations are a mix of fall and Halloween. I feel like I need fall up before and after Halloween so if I don’t get Halloween stuff out to start I never well.

  2. Cute! I haven’t done any Halloween decorations, but I have to admit, seeing everyone else’s makes me want to!

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