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Soccer Birthday Party Ideas

Throw a fun party for your little soccer star using these simple soccer birthday party ideas. It’s sure to be a goal-tastic time!

It feels like it’s always soccer season at our house. My kids play Fall, Spring, and even Summer soccer with Soccer Shots or our local community center. It’s a fun way for them to learn teamwork and hand-eye coordination. Plus, they have a lot of fun.

With the kids playing soccer so much, I decided to throw them a little soccer party. Just to celebrate the end of the season. And the start of the next!

soccer birthday party

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These simple soccer birthday party ideas are perfect for a soccer party on a budget. And they can be for a birthday party, or a just because soccer party.

Simple Soccer Birthday Party Decorations

The key elements of a soccer birthday party are soccer balls and lots of green. It makes decorating for a party inexpensive and simple. I set up a table with all of our party decorations and treats.

soccer birthday party

Balloons and Wall Decorations

My go-to party decoration for any occasion is a balloon garland. I created this balloon garland using green and white balloons from my balloon stash. I also included a few green balloons with soccer balls on them. The soccer ball balloons are from Party City.

soccer birthday party

Learn how to make a balloon garland using a kit!

The soccer wall decorations are also from Party City. They were only $5! I used painter’s tape to attach them to the wall to avoid any damage.

Wall decorations are one of my favorite ways to decorate for a party. They make a big impact but are inexpensive. And they are reusable! I can store these in a file folder and pull them out again next soccer season.

Table Decorations

For the table, I laid out a green plastic tablecloth. Then I added a few soccer toys. The soccer disks are actually little hover toys for the kids to play inside. For texture, I added some leftover paper shreds. And one of the kids’ old Soccer Shots jerseys. Anything can be decoration!

soccer birthday party

Other Fun Party Ideas

Soccer Birthday Party Snacks

It’s not a party without fun treats! For this soccer-themed party, I kept all the food green, black, or silver. And I served all of the snacks on white platters.

You can’t have a party without cupcakes! I made Funfetti cupcakes with green icing. I used an Open Star frosting tip to apply the icing. It gives the icing texture, to mimic the texture of grass. Then I topped the cupcakes with little soccer ball toppers.

soccer birthday party

Get my cake-decorating kit! It includes 24 tips, reusable icing bags, and icing smoothers.

I also made my “cheater” cake pops for this party. They are just frosted donut holes on a stick! My kids love them. And they require zero effort on my part. They also have less sugar than a regular cake pop.

The “cake pops” are displayed on my DIY cake pop stand. I taped one of the wall decorations to a bamboo skewer and added it to the middle of the display too.

Finally, I filled a bowl with green chocolate candies to finish off the snacks. I also sprinkled Hershey’s kisses in the silver wrapper around the table. It adds decoration and another sweet treat.

These soccer birthday party ideas are perfect for a low-key soccer celebration. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or just the soccer season in general.

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  1. These soccer birthday party ideas are incredible! The themed cake and decorations are sure to score big with any soccer fan. A winning game plan for a memorable celebration!

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