Simple Transitional Fall Mantel

The space between Halloween and mid-November is weird for me decor-wise. Halloween is over, but it’s not quite time for Christmas decorations yet. I don’t wait until Thanksgiving to decorate for the holidays, so I don’t do Thanksgiving decorations. I’ve left my mantel blank for this brief season before, but I really prefer a simple transitional fall mantel. I keep it simple so that it doesn’t take long to set up or to take down when it’s time to transition to Christmas.

simple transitional fall mantel

Layer with Art

I’m very into layering my seasonal decor with art this year. Jesse took up abstract painting as a hobby earlier this year so I have over 50 paintings in the garage to choose from. I’ve been seeing dark greens and peachy pinks in a lot of interiors lately and I thought those would be great colors for late fall. Jesse has a larger painting with both of those colors, plus a smaller one with more pinks and some grays. Those paintings were my jumping off point for this mantel. I layered in a mirror because I knew I wanted to use candles for my simple transitional fall mantel. The reflection of candlelight adds an element of coziness and warmth. It’s perfect for those chose chilly fall nights when I’m wrapped up in a blanket watching Hallmark movies on the couch. simple transitional fall mantel

simple transitional fall mantel

Add a Few Neutral Pumpkins

Next, was getting a second life out of some of the pumpkins from my Halloween mantel. Since a few of them are real, I figured I might as well extend their use instead of throwing them out right away. I stacked them in front of the art with a few ceramic pumpkins, a green velvet pumpkin and a few white plastic ones. I probably could have left things like this, but I felt like the mantel was missing some texture. The little bundle of hay was the perfect element to add that texture and some height to my simple transitional fall mantel. I experimented with a typographic print and thought of adding a few black and white photos, but the hay was a better addition. It’s taller which balances out the vignette, adds a new texture and a breaks up the dark green of the painting.

simple transitional fall mantel

simple transitional fall mantel

This simple transitional fall mantel cost me absolutely nothing to create because I used decorations that I already had on hand. I buy seasonal decor on clearance and save it to use in the future. I also browse the Dollar Spot at Target to pick up small pieces that can be layered in with my existing decorations. None of my decorations for this mantel are online anymore, but here’s a list of where I got everything anyway so you can be on the lookout next year. (From left to right):

Hay bundle – JoAnn Fabric and Crafts

Olive ceramic pumpkin – Dollar Tree

Green velvet pumpkin – Target Dollar Spot

White and green pumpkin – Real from a local pumpkin patch

White mini pumpkins – Target Dollar Spot

Grey ceramic mini pumpkin – Target Dollar Spot

Cream ceramic pumpkin – Dollar Tree

White pumpkin with long stem – Real from a local pumpkin patch

Gold mercury glass votives – Michael’s

Green votive – I don’t remember!

Cream handle sleeve – Target

simple transitional fall mantel

simple transitional fall mantel

I really love how my simple transitional fall mantel came together! It took less than 30 minutes for me to take down Halloween and create this. It feels cozy and warm, which is perfect now that the weather is cooling down here.

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