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Couch Shopping – Finding the Perfect Living Room Sectional

We celebrated our anniversary by couch shopping for a perfect sectional for our living room. We settled on the Haverty’s Amalfi sectional.

This past Saturday Jesse and I celebrated 2 years of living in our house! We signed all of the paperwork on February 15, 2012 and then went out after for a belated Valentine’s dinner/OMG we bought a house celebration. This year we had planned to go out the day before Valentine’s Day, but the snow ruined our plans so we ended up, for the 3rd time, going out the day after to celebrate dual occasions. We even bought the house ourselves a little gift, a new sectional!Amalfi Sectional

If you’ve been following this blog since we bought our house, then you know that I have been DYING to have a sectional pretty much since Day 1. The living room practically asks for it on a daily basis.ย talking living roomOur current couch and armchair are hand-me-downs from my parents and they are about 15 years old. My siblings and I spilled so much stuff on that couch, it makes me gag just thinking about it. So what better way to celebrate having a house for two years than to finally buy our own, nice, adult furniture. Then in a few years, our own children can spill food, puke, and jump on it. I’d also like to point out that in the past two years the only real piece of furniture we have purchased was our mattress, everything else is hand-me-down or we built it ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, I love our kitchen table, nightstands and headboard, BUT sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself and pay for something that’s brand new.

Now, on to the tale of how couch shopping went down. Saturday morning we sat down with our morning coffee and mapped out our battle plan for the day. We started with Ashley Furniture, which was a lovely store but where we didn’t find a sectional we liked. Not a single one. Since things weren’t working out in the sectional department Jesse decided to explore other options and became obsessed with a sofa and love seat combination. I was so mad at him for taking his eyes off the sectional prize and that he wasn’t sticking to our original plan. That’s when I tweeted about stabbing him. In a loving way of course.furniture tweet

After our first store we decided to hit up Chipotle for lunch before heading to our next stop. We were both hangry and a little hateful. After lunch, our couch shopping adventure continued. We went to Haverty’s where we had a great experience with our salesperson and the store in general. It was a relaxing and clean atmosphere, which meant a lot after going to other stores. We found a sectional that we both really liked and were tempted to buy right on the spot, but we decided to stick to our game plan and visit two other stores.

After Haverty’s was a local shop called Sofa Design. This is actually the same place that my parents purchased the couch and chair we currently have, so we knew they had good quality stuff. The fun part about this place is that everything is custom. You pick your couch model, the fabric for it, the finish of any wooden legs or visible framing, and even the pillow sizes and fabric! I fell in love with gorgeous Charcoal linen and a set of teal Greek key pillows, but we couldn’t find a model that we liked. Things either looked like they belonged in my parent’s house or they were too modern for our tastes. We were specifically couch shopping for something with wooden legs and clean lines, but a higher back since Jesse is really tall and likes the back support. Custom also meant more expensive, so the couches that we did like were WAY out of our price range. Bummer.

We then went to Hayne’s, which was a nightmare. The salesperson that grabbed us when we walked in the door acted like he’d had way too much caffeine that day and was all over the place. He was like “Sit here, no? How about this? Want leather? But how about this leather one? This sectional has cup holders! CUP HOLDERS!” We literally speed-walked around the entire store in about 20 minutes. We also were unimpressed with the atmosphere. It may have been the particular location, but there were cracks in the walls and most of the ceiling tiles had extreme water damage. On top of all of that, all of the sectionals we were even slightly interested in were two to three times the prices of the other places. No thank you.

So battered and exhausted we headed back to Haverty’s and went with the couch we had almost bought a few hours earlier. The Amalfi sectional in Charcoal.Amalfi Sectional

It has the higher back Jesse was looking for, exposed wooden legs and clean lines, quality fabric (it’s microfiber with a slight pattern and texture) and it just looks so good! Now unfortunately for us none of the Haverty’s in our area had this model in Charcoal in stock, so we have to wait almost two months for it to come in. I’m bummed about that, but also so freaking excited for it to come! I also can talk enough about how please we were with Haverty’s and our shopping experience there. The store was so nice, and so were the people. Definitely sticking with them for future furniture needs! Of course after the sectional gets here I’ll let you know how we feel about using the couch itself everyday, how it holds up to daily use and all of that good stuff.

Another exciting thing about our new sectional is that we snagged a President’s Day deal and got $100 off, which put us under budget by almost $300! This means money for building sofa tables, new lamps, pillows, and other tchotchkes! Can I get a woop woop?!presidents day meme

After couch shopping, we went to dinner to celebrate, and for our belated Valentine’s date. We went to Galley in Forest Hill, and it was phenomenal. This was our second time being here and we have been more than pleased both times. Jesse got a roast pork dish and I got shrimp and crab Alfredo. Amazing. The food at Galley is seriously the first time that we have been impressed with a restaurant since getting back from Europe, so if you are local GO! GO NOW!Galley

After dinner, we met up with friends downtown for some drinks, and then we went back to their house to watch a movie. Somehow we ended up deciding to watch The Rescuers Down Under, one of my favorite childhood movies. It was the perfect ending to a great day.

Any fun furniture shopping stories out there? If so, I want to hear it!ย 


  1. omg it sounds like you had the help of the furniture gods to find a couch so quickly! (I mean one long day but I just remember my couch shopping fiasco…)
    I LOVE what you chose. I really am excited to see it in your home. Don’t worry the 2 months goes quick and you can do some day dreaming and pinning about other stuff you want in the room in the meantime!

  2. I love the sectional you guys chose! We would really like one too, but have only gone out shopping once and didn’t see anything we really loved. That was back in the summer so we’lre probably due for another look…

  3. Love the couch you guys chose! Maybe you’ll get lucky and it’ll be delivered earlier than the 2 months they told you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Joe and I got our couch from Ashley Furniture HomeStore and it’s definitely held up well for the 3+ years we’ve had it. We also had a really nice salesperson so I wouldn’t mind going there again.

  4. NICE! We actually bought new furniture last weekend as well! We get it today though! Thank goodness, because I am sick of looking at the sofa that my dog chewed six years ago (in his defense, he was a puppy, and we should have crated him that day and didn’t)

    It will be worth the wait to get your sectional, and it will look SO good in there!

  5. Oooh, I hate furniture shopping! You either end up wandering around aimlessly with no idea how to find what you’re looking for, or with some pushy annoying salesperson like the one you ended up with! We bought our sectional off Kijiji – we totally lucked out finding a brand new real leather sectional in the exact configuration that we needed. WOOT!

    Bummer that you have to wait 2 months for your sectional to arrive, but now you have lots of time to plan out the design for the room ๐Ÿ™‚ Have fun!

  6. Hah! Alex and I were shopping this weekend for our wedding registry, and man those things can certainly wear down your patience ๐Ÿ˜‰ hahaha Luckily, Alex was a good sport about it!

  7. Shopping for our sectional was an Olympic sport. Seriously. It was SO hard to find the right one for our space and there’s no Havarty’s in the Midwest ๐Ÿ™

    Great choice, can’t wait to see how it looks!

  8. yay for a new couch! can’t wait to see it in person!

    and that’s interesting that you guys love Galley so much….we’ve had pretty mediocre experiences there the 3 times we’ve gone. but that was closer to when they first opened, as well, so maybe some of that has smoothed out and we should try it again!

  9. We got a sectional too! It’s so nice to have all of that seating available. Ours is from Ikea (Karlstadt). It was a pretty nice time, but we also already knew the model we wanted before we went. It’s funny though because we hadn’t intended on buying it that day (we were after some other items and to make sure it was what we wanted) but we ran into one in the “as-is” section and were like, “It was meant to be!”

    We’ll have to try out Galley. They sound delicious.

  10. So exciting! I hated our first experience sofa shopping, because we were rushed w| the black friday deals and all.

    I’m so ready to get back out there and do it again, especially since we need TWO sectionals sometime. I’m probably going to go with ikea for our upstairs, but our downstairs I’m thinking a big comfy colorful (red or green!) sectional since it’s our movie/bar room. I am so excited for that.

    Can’t wait to see yours in it’s space.

  11. emily @ go haus go

    Yay, there’s nothing like finding what you were looking for on the first try. That’s awesome! The couch is gorgeous. Excited to see the room come to life!

  12. The new couch looks great! Can’t wait to see it in your living room ๐Ÿ™‚ It sucks that you have to wait two months to get it, but will be totally worth it! When my husband and I went shopping for a new couch and love seat a few months ago, it was torture and we ended up coming home empty handed haha

  13. I loooooove the sectional you chose. You’re going to love it.

  14. I really love the sectional in the color and shape. It is so classic and cannot wait to see how it looks once everything comes together. A forever piece of furniture!

  15. Love that couch!! It will look so great in that space. And curtains, who needs curtains? Says the girl who sits about 20 fee from the street behing 2 big windows with no curtains. haha Apparently we both do.

  16. The only times I had been furniture shopping were when my parents would drag me to store after store on a weekend to look at an endless amount of couches! I hated that when I was little.

    So when my husband and I decided that we needed a couch in our living room, I was dreading going furniture shopping. But it actually ended up being a lot of fun. We went to IKEA and got exactly the couch we wanted (plus a desperately needed bookcase) for a good price!

    Glad to see you guys had a similarly pleasant shopping experience! Congrats on the new couch! Can’t wait to see pictures!

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