European Adventure Recap – Places to Visit In Paris

For the last week of our trip we stayed in a charming little hotel in the city of love. Paris was so gorgeous, and the food was delicious! We don’t know a lot of French, but we knew enough to skate by and every person we met was super nice and helpful. Paris was also way better than London because we had plenty of down time to sleep in and see the sites at a leisurely pace. Plus every night we had a lovely 3 course dinner and split a bottle of wine.

Places to Visit in, and Outside of, Paris

Our first full day in Paris we went to the Louvre Museum. The museum is so huge! There is no way to see and take in everything. It was so overwhelming! However, it was amazing to see Venus de Milo, Hammurabi’s Code and the Mona Lisa in person! And I was very happy to have the entire day just dedicated to visiting that museum. Paris - Louvre

Paris - Outside the Louvre

Paris - Venus de Milo

Paris - Mona Lisa

Paris - Egypt Statues

On Sunday we took the train outside of the city to Versailles. The palace was beautiful, plus it’s so rich in history! It was incredible to stand in the Hall of Mirrors, where so many wars were ended and treaties were signed. Plus the gardens were pretty fantastic too! Paris - Versailles gates

Paris - Versailles

Paris - Versailles2


My favorite day of all was our second day in the city because it was the day that we climbed stairs to the top of the Notre Dame Towers. The view was incredible and it was so awesome to be at the top of that amazing landmark! After Notre Dame we visited the Paris Pantheon building, went to Luxembourg Gardens, and added our lock to the Pont de l’Archevêché— aka the “Lover’s Bridge.” Paris - Notre Dame

Paris - Notre Dame inside

Paris - view from Notre Dame

Paris - Notre Dame Gargoyle

Paris - Pantheon

Paris - Luxembourg

Paris - Lock Bridge

The next day we woke up early to go to the Eiffel Tower. We showed up 30 minutes before the tower opened and only waited for an hour total before we were on the elevator headed to the top. It was kind of foggy since it was in the morning, but it was still very surreal to stand at the top of the flipping Eiffel Tower. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Paris - Eiffel Tower

Paris - Eiffel Tower night

Paris - view from Eiffel Tower

After the Eiffel Tower we went to the Arc de Triomphe, which I was surprised to learn that you could actual go inside it and climb to the top! The view of the trees lining the main streets all around the Arc was very pretty. Especially since Paris was on the verge of fall and all the leaves were starting to change.Paris - Arc de Triomphe

Paris - view from Arc de Triomphe

The only negative experience that we had in Paris was when we visited Montemarte. I had read such positive things about it being the best view in the city and such a beautiful place, and it was beautiful, but it was so crowded. All around it groups of people would surround you shoving their souvenirs and hands in your face. Not something I wanted to experience on vacation. I get anxious and claustrophobic so this just wasn’t my favorite spot.montemarte

Our final day in Europe was spent at the beaches of Normandy. Our tour guide is an expert on D-Day, especially the US Airbourne, he even bought a house in France because a paratrooper landed in the backyard during the D-Day invasion. As a history nerd, especially when it comes to WWII, this was one of my favorite things that we did. I learned so much and it was just surreal and humbling to stand on the beaches where so many brave young men gave their lives.Normandy - Airbourne museum Normandy - Utah Beach Normandy

Normandy - Omaha Beach

I feel so lucky and privileged to have had the opportunity to go to Europe with my husband at such a young age. I know that this really is a once in a lifetime thing and I will certainly never forget it.

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  1. AHH!!! Paris is one of my favorite places in the WHOLE WORLD! I studied abroad there in college, and it really is such an amazing city (even if the French do get a bad reputation – they are really nice!)I agree with you on Montmartre though. It is a more questionable part of town, and there are a lot of people who really push their stuff on you. However, I got some of the most beautiful artwork there made by one of the painters on the street. It’s definitely the artsy part of town too!

  2. Great photos! They make me want to go back because I loved Paris, too. It really was a charming city, even though it has a reputation of the people being rude (I think that’s just a city mentality because I’m constantly rushing around in NY).

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