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2014 Richmond Homearama House Tours – Houses 3 & 4

The Richmond Homearama is showcase of local Richmond home builders. The model homes feature all of the latest trends in home construction and design. The Richmond Homearama takes place in a premiere Richmond area community. The 2014 Richmond Homearama took place in Magnolia Green (Chesterfield) and featured 7 model homes. Jesse and I had a blast touring all seven of the show houses and looking at the different architecture and designs. The third and fourth house of the show were my personal favorites, so I’m especially excited about today’s tours!

I recapped the first two houses from the 2014 Richmond Homearama here and houses 5, 6, and 7 can be found here.

2014 Richmond Homearama House Tours: House #3, “Southern Charm” by Southern Traditions

Richmond Homearama 3 - Layout


I have really become a fan of coffered ceilings and the ceiling in this house was gorgeously done with barnwood! I didn’t realize how much of a fan of natural wood I was until I toured these houses because I was drawn to all the wooden accents in these houses. I guess it’s because of all the wood trim in our house, it must be rubbing off on me. 😉 Richmond Homearama 3 - Barnwood Coffered Ceiling

Another wooden accent I loved were the sliding barn doors in the dining room. The details in the chair rail were also really fun and original.Richmond Homearama 3 - Dining room

One of the super weird features in this house was the fountain in the foyer. It just made things seem cramped as you walked into the huge two story living room. I would have preferred if the space was taller and more open to the rooms around it. (Photo via YHL)Richmond Homearama 3 - Fountain

The kitchen also had a ton of natural wood, but there was such a weird mixture of textures in the room. There was tile, beadboard, granite, stainless steel and rustic natural wood, which was very overwhelming. I wasn’t a huge fan of the kitchen island either. The wood extending from the granite island was kind of weird. (Photo via Homearama)Richmond Homearama 3 - Kitchen

Right down the hall next to the refrigerator were the mudroom, laundry room and powder room. I LOVED the powder room in this house, but I didn’t like that it was so far from the main family room. The wall paper was awesome and reminded me of the wallpaper Emily of Go Haus Go just put in her powder room. I also appreciated the nod to Richmond with the RVA towel.Richmond Homearama 3 - Half Bath

The master bedroom in this house was classically pretty, minus the weird layout. I loved the classic metal bed frame, chandelier and crown moulding. Richmond Homearama 3 - Master Bedroom

The bathroom was gorgeous and I loved the idea of the sunken tub, minus the fact that children could slip and fall into it and, well, so could I. Richmond Homearama 3 - Master Bath

The guest room in this house was my favorite of all the bedrooms in the show. I loved the muted neutrals and yellow, the bed frame and the accent wall! Oh, that white planked wall! Excuse me while I wipe up my drool. Richmond Homearama 3 - Guest Bedroom

Yellow was actually used in all of the bedrooms upstairs in this house. I also really liked this room because the yellow is similar to our guest room and it gave me a lot of ideas. I love the yellow walls in our house, but I’m over the black and yellow combo I’ve been working with and am ready to change it up with more cheery accent colors.Richmond Homearama 3 - Yellow Bedroom

Richmond Homearama 3 - Yellow Inspiration


The children’s bunk room reminded me of something you would see at the beach because of all the beds, but I did like the concept. My favorite thing was the shutters on the inside of the windows. It made me feel like I was in a playhouse, which is perfect for a kid’s room! (Photo via YHL, mine had a lady walk into the frame).Richmond Homearama 3 - Bunk Room


2014 Richmond Homearama House Tours: House #4, “Greystone” by Ray A. Williams Custom Homes

Richmond Homearama 4 - Layout

The first thing about this house that caught my eye was the gorgeous double front doors. The large windows and the natural wood were just gorgeous against the stone exterior. There was also another door at the other end of the porch that opened into the mud room, the setup of that was interesting because the mudroom was almost like a hallway and it was on the other side of the house from the garage and driveway. This home also had amazing architecture features with coffered and vaulted ceilings through out the house and my favorite back yard of the day.Richmond Homearama 4 - Front Door

This house did have my favorite kitchen of the whole Richmond Homearama though! I love how white and bright it is, but it’s also cozy. Things weren’t spread out, which is important when I’m cooking, but it was still big. And I really like the bar area, even though it was in front of the breakfast nook, which I thought was a tad redundant. Richmond Homearama 4 - Kitchen

The family room was also great because it actually felt like a place I’d want to casually watch TV, and again, I love the coffered ceiling!Richmond Homearama 4 - Family Room

Here’s an example of all the ceiling detail in the upstairs bedrooms. It was a little busy for me, but still looked really classy overall. Richmond Homearama 4 - Master Bedroom

This house also had a few normal bath tubs! Most of the houses we toured had the elaborate all glass fronted showers, even in shared Jack and Jill bathrooms, so it was nice to see a normal tub every once in awhile. Richmond Homearama 4 - Bathroom

One thing that I didn’t like that much about this house was the movie room. Why can’t you watch movies downstairs? The family room could have been two stories and opened the upstairs way more without another random sitting room. I’m definitely of the “less is more” mentality when it comes to family rooms.Richmond Homearama 4 - Movie Room

My absolute favorite thing about this house though was the back porch and patio. There were sliding glass doors in the “keeping room” next to the kitchen that opened onto a beautiful covered porch with outdoor living furniture, then there was a large deck space with a table and grill, and then a patio with a huge fire pit. All I’d need was a little more space for a play set for kiddos and this would be my dream yard. Richmond Homearama

There were seven homes featured in the 2014 Richmond Homearama, this post features 2 of them. There’s only 3 houses left to go on this little virtual tour, and it just so happens that they were my least favorite. I will try not to be too biased so you can form your own opinions though. And don’t forget to check out Houses 1 & 2 so you can compare them all!

Check out houses 1 and 2 of the 2014 Richmond Homearama here and houses 5, 6, and 7 in this post.

What’s your favorite house so far? Or your fave design element? 

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  1. Ahhhhh I want the kitchen in number 3! Or number 4 for that matter. They’re HUGE! haha

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