Revisiting the Master Bedroom Mood Board

A few months ago I shared about how I was really itching to refresh our master bedroom. I’m over the color palette and a lot of the decor choices I originally made. I really want to give things a more polished and elegant look, with a few more injections of rich color. This is the inspiration bedroom mood board that I came up with initially: bedroom mood boardAs you can see, it’s neutral walls, a rich navy headboard, and some updated textiles. My original plan included painting the room in September, but that obviously did not happen. I wasn’t pregnant when I wrote the post and as I stated in my post on Friday, I wasn’t expecting to be so quickly. All of that to say, painting will definitely have to wait. Most likely until Baby is here and sleeping in their own room. Jesse hates painting and doesn’t get why I like to change things up every few years, so I take those jobs on myself. However, before baby comes we will have to put some elements of my vision into effect. Mainly, adding a desk to the space. Jesse’s home office is turning into the new nursery, so we’re going to have to add a desk (and his desktop *BLECK*) to our room. Having a private spot for Jesse is critical because he sometimes works from home, so he has to be able to go in a room and shut the door. It’s definitely not the most glamorous addition but there will be no other spot in the house for it. I’m convinced I can find a way to make it bareable though.

We will have to be creative with how to disguise the tower (he wont get rid of it) and how to organize and hide paperwork and things that are necessary. I definitely plan on utilizing the walk-in closet with some adorable storage. I also think dressing up the space with some art above it will help tremendously. I wish I had some inspiration images or something, but I honestly can’t find anything that matches what is in my head. Putting all of this together will probably have to wait until post-baby too. Jesse wants to keep his space for as long as possible. I find this incredibly annoying, but I also understand where he is coming from. If we move his stuff into our room, then he wont be able to use it while the baby is sleeping in there. I guess this is just one of those marital compromises. bedroom mood board

I’m incredibly excited for the challenge of creating balance in our space. Balancing colors and neutrals, work and relaxation and creating a visual balance. Having a nightstand on one side and a desk on the other could lead to having a visual imbalance, but again, I’m excited for the challenge!

It’s so far in advance, but I wanted to share because I also would LOVE ideas from you guys and your opinions! Especially if you’ve had your home office in your master bedroom before. Thank you in advance!

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