Recovering Chairs with The Better Half

Today I’m sharing with you guys my first guest post ever and I’m beyond giddy that I’ve got such a great guest šŸ˜‰ Joining us today is Jocie from One Project Closer’s: The Better Half! If you don’t follow these blogs already you totally should, not only are there a ton of manly homeĀ improvementĀ projects on OPC, as well as crafts and DIY projects on The Better Half, but there are also coupons and even a rewards program for readers to bid on and win tools and crafting supplies. Take it away Jocie!

Thanks so much for having me here at Attempts at Domestication, Ashley!

If you’ve never heard of us, The Better Half is a new sister site toĀ One Project CloserĀ (OPC). OPC has been around almost 5 years now and is for the hard-core home improvement lovers. Kim and I (Jocie) are the wives of Fred and Ethan (respectively) and we runĀ The Better Half, dedicated to the finer things, like DIY home decor, crafts, and sometimes kid-friendly stuff too. I write a lot of the crafty, decor posts, while Kim focuses more on gardening and updating our list ofĀ coupons for Home Depot.

Here is me andĀ myĀ better half, Ethan with our girls, Izzie and Lucy gearing up for what will hopefully be an awesome Raven’s season!

Our girls, Izzie and Lucy look so sweet in this picture, and they are…most of the time. But for all that sweetness they are also a little crazy and wild, which makes for a lot of mess sometimes. When we first bought our dining room table and chairs, the seats came covered in a beautiful white fabric. Then, we had kids….

Suffice to say, that white fabric quickly became not so white and not so beautiful.

Ethan has resigned himself to believing that “we just can’t have nice things.” I go for the opposing opinion – let’s have nice things and then replace them once they are ruined. lol! This is especially true for things like dining chairs which are super easy to reupholster.

Don’t judge me. I know were pretty gross!

I had never recovered seat cushions before but my mom assured me that it would be an easy project, and she was willing to help. Ā Our cushions were fastened with four screws (one at each corner), and they were cleverly hidden in these holes.

While the cushion was off, I took the opportunity to check all the nuts and bolts to make sure they were tight enough. Some were a little loose, what with all the craziness around here.

Me and Mom headed to Jo-Ann Fabrics (with our 50% off coupon) to pickup some upholstery fabric. Upholstery fabric is much thicker than other fabrics so that it will hold up better, and before leaving we measured the cushions with an extra 2-4″ for overlap.

After about an hour and a half, a phone-a-friend, and lots of disagreement between me and mom, I picked a fun, green Zebra pattern (very similar to this) that complemented our blue walls.Ā Keeping the zebra stripes going in the same direction, we cut the fabric to size for each cushion.

We used a heavy-duty staplerĀ to secure the fabric along each side, and we made sure to keep the fabric taut (but not too tight) over the cushion. We stapled every few inches, and doubled-back the cut edge underneath so it wouldn’t be visible. When in doubt, I stapled some more. Seriously. I stapled the heck out of it. šŸ™‚ Even, my mom took a few turns.

The trickiest part of covering these cushions was the corners because it’s tough to prevent wrinkles. At each corner we made several, overlapping pleats, and cut away the excess fabric afterward.

The whole point of this project was to make our chairs look nice again so before reattaching the cushions, we used some ScotchGuard for fabric (like this) to help prevent any future stains.

Once dry, we re-attached them to the chair frames and showed them off!!!

I really love how they turned out. Now, a few months later, there are a few stains on the girl’s chairs. I haven’t tried too hard to remove them, mostly because I kinda want to recover them again! haha. Good thing it’s so easy!

What do you think?Ā What pattern and color should I use next time around?

Thanks again, Ashley for letting me share my reupholstery adventure on your awesome site.

For more fun projects and crafts, visit me atĀ The Better Half!Ā You can also connect with us onĀ Facebook,Ā Twitter, andĀ Pinterest. Hope to see you soon!

It was so great having you Jocie! Those chairs look fabulous!

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  1. Love the guest post, Ashley!

    And I tend to agree with you, Jocie! Let’s get nice things and when the girls tear them up, we’ll just fix them up. Of course, our girls have four legs and fur and eat things like mattresses and deck boards…

  2. I like nice things but I am seriously considering using indoor/outdoor fabric on everything! Great post.

  3. hahaha, Jess. I’m not sure which causes more mess dogs or kids…although my kids do sometimes ACT like dogs! lol!

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