Random Acts of Craftiness

Back in August I told you guys about how I was participating in the Random Acts of Craftiness Challenge. The idea is to create something totally original and crafty out of a super random item, this month’s item was game pieces. Since I knew my project was bound to involve cutting and gluing, I didn’t want to use any games that we already owned because I like to play them. So I scouted out GoodWill and yard sales, for over a month, but the only thing I found was a chess, checkers and backgammon set. What in the world can I make with these?!?! I thought about using the chess pieces to make hooks for jewelry or scarves, but the pieces were hollow so we couldn’t figure out how to attach them to anything and have them actually stay put. Plus, I’m pretty sure that I’d seen that somewhere else and that’s why I couldn’t get it out of my head. So we did what anyone else with brain block would do, we played checkers.Jesse won and part of his prize package was for me to do his idea, which was make candle holders from the pieces. So after a lot of hot glue and burnt fingers here are my chess and checkers candle holders: It’s ok, you can laugh. I was, so that’s probably why I couldn’t get a good picture, I was too busy laughing at myself. Oh well, at least I tried. But I am going to go ahead and reward myself the What the $*%#@ Is That?! ribbon 😉

Did anyone else participate in the challenge? What’d you make? (Hopefully it was better than mine!)

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  1. I really like this idea! I bet it would look really cool if the chess pieces were larger (aka. we need to hunt for giant chess pieces now!).

  2. They aren’t too bad, but i agree with Kirsten they would be better bigger.

    I failed miserably and completely forgot/ struggled and struggled then put it out of my mind. Going to have one last try tomorrow night / the weekend but I have no inspiration. Boo – fallen at the first hurdle 🙁


  3. I still think they’re cute! 🙂 This challenge was SO HARD but I think it’s cute you and Jesse made it fun!

  4. OK — That first reply was supposed to be for Kristen & the hunt for giant chess pieces. Sorry!

    THIS reply is to tell you how cute & creative your tea light holders are! (I have a don’t-ask-don’t-tell issue with hot glue burned fingers, thighs, etc…)

  5. I think they’re cute. In theory, candle holders are an awesome idea. If the chess pieces were just a little bit bigger…

  6. At least you/Jesse came up with something. I still have nothing. This was a really hard challenge but I think y’all have a cool idea.

  7. I actually like the idea. I agree they would be better a little bigger and maybe hit with a can of matte white or black spray paint or even a fun colour. Kudos for making something (it was a really hard challenge!) and you got a fun game of checkers with your husband out of it – I’d say you still won!

  8. They’re perfect for really small candles 🙂 I agree with the chorus here that really big game pieces would make this idea even better. (And seriously, what can’t white spray paint improve?) So you could call this your prototype; your proof of concept. You’ve got something really promising here.

  9. hahaha Ashley; I love that you were laughing too hard to get a picture. I seriously think that’s the best feeling ever: laughing too hard to do other things. Thanks so much for participating even if you didn’t love your project. 🙂

  10. I’m with everyone else – spray paint them!! They will look awesome!! I couldn’t even come up with anything…so…way to go!

    1. Did you finish what you did with chess pieces? Would love to see it.
      Have a chess obsessed son, and have some odd pieces. Wanted to find some fun ideas

  11. Hey, that’s way better than what I came up with…which is nothing! I didn’t even have a chance to try! Plus, I think they are kinda cute. Good job! 🙂

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