Put a Cap on It!

One of the things about being a homeowner is that not every project is pretty, or fun, but they all need to be done. Since it’s been getting colder here in VA (with the exception of yesterday’s freak 70 degree weather) Jesse and I have been lighting the wood stove in the evenings.Β 

You can usually find me parked in front of the fire in the evening with a glass of wine and my laptop. I love to sit there and blog and watch tv (last week’s Grey’s anyone?!?). Something about a fire just makes everything so much more cozy and relaxing! But with fun comes work. Since we’re using the wood stove now we need to make sure that moisture, debris and critters aren’t in our chimney, the best way to avoid that is to install a chimney cap.

After Jesse climbed onto the roof and measured the size of our chimney opening, and I checked out his fine backside ;), we headed to Lowe’s to buy a cap.Β 

We picked a black galvinized cap instead of stainless steel because I liked the look of it better.

Installation was super easy, minus the being on the roof part. Jesse put in all of the bolts before climbing onto the roof so all he needed to do was tighten them around the chimney once he got up there.

After some twisting and shaking to make sure things were secure, and me holding my breath thinking he was going to fall, the cap was up and looking good. It’s almost like a little house on our house haha.

Now we sit back and enjoy our evening fires without worrying about setting a rogue squirrel on fire πŸ˜‰

Any not so fun, but necessary projects on your agenda? Has anyone else been enjoying a warm toasty fire in the evenings?Β 

Tomorrow I’ll be continuing the Party Rockin’ series, I just had to skip yesterday because I could not wait to talk about meeting YHL! πŸ™‚

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  1. We just did this!!! We also have another problem. We have backdraft problems w/ our fireplace flu (sp.?). When it gets above 65 degrees, we smell it bad in our kitchen where the fireplace is. Having a chimney guy out this week. I totally agree-sitting by the fire is my favorite!!! Wine too XO

  2. We really wanted to install a real fire in our livingroom but it would have cost atleast Β£1500 extra than what we paid so we decided against it. When we move out of the flat and into our grown up home a real fire will be on the wish list.

    We have loads of boring jobs lined up at the moment, so I am ignoring them all!!


  3. I have been enjoying our little electric logs in our fireplace. It’s so nice because I can leave them on all day instead of running the central heat. They keep me all warm and cozy!

  4. I wish our landlord would do this. I’m pretty sure our chimney is clogged, and it’s like pulling teeth to get them to call someone to get it cleaned out.

  5. We totally need a chimney cap. Over the summer we had birds in our downstairs fire place. Our dog was not impressed with the chirping. Let’s be honest, I wasn’t impressed either. We just need to close ours off completely though because we don’t use it.
    There’s talk of buying an electric fire place. I’m totally all for that. I’d love to curl up by a fire, even a fake one. My blogging chair is right by the fireplace.

  6. totally jealous!
    We have a fireplace, but we’re pretty sure in the 30+ years of our house it’s never been used. So I’m terrified it will blow the house up haha!

    I also got nervous sweats just seeing pictures of Jesse on the roof. eek!

  7. So jealous that you have a fireplace!! It’s definitely on the wish list for house #2! It’s just such a cozy, homey feeling. Growing up we always had a fireplace and it was wood when I was little. I remember a squirrel getting stuck down it as well as a few birds so we had to cap ours off too. Definitely a good idea!!

  8. We had freaky warm weather here yesterday too. And today, snow! Not a lot and it melted right away, but still….

    Hahaha! Does Jesse know his butt is on your blog? πŸ™‚

    Good call on the black chimney cap – better than stainless steel for sure, especially with your red brick.

    Our biggest not-fun project at the moment is demo’ing the bathroom. Can’t wait to get to the fun part – decorating!

  9. We have a gas fireplace in our rental home but our old 1930’s house had real one. I wish we had done something like you guys did because we got birds in it a lot and could never use it!

  10. Yes, we enjoyed many nights in front of our fire during Sandy – we were nice and snug – until we got up to go into the kitchen – then we froze our booties off!

    Plenty of wine has been enjoyed in front of my fireplace – I love it! Glad no squirrels will be roasting in yours!!

  11. We just started having fires in our fireplace last week. Sitting by it with a glass of wine is one of my favorite things to do too!

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