My Body After Birth – The Second Time Around

It’s funny how much your perspective can change on something as you grow as a person. I remember feeling so embarrassed and grossed out about how my body after birth looked after having Mara. In fact, I recently read my first postpartum body blog post that I wrote after having her. I was so hard on myself and really attacked and picked apart my body. I had a hard time coming to terms with the loose skin and stretch marks, not to mention the extra weight I still had. This time around I’m changing my tune and practicing body positivity instead. Truth be told, I think my brighter outlook has a lot to do with the fact that I’m not in shock over my appearance. The same stretch marks and skin are still there from the first time, so what’s a few more. Plus, I need to be setting a good example for my girls about loving themselves and their bodies, not obsessing over parts of mine that don’t matter.

This time around my focus is more on health than weight. I definitely didn’t gain as much weight this time around anyway. I attribute that to chasing a toddler around the whole pregnancy, not to mention my exercises from physical therapy. Speaking of physical therapy, I’ve been going back to readjust my hips and to treat postpartum sciatica. It’s a lot of work juggling 2 kids, doctor’s appointments and therapy, but it’s so worth it. I can finally get back to cleaning and walking around Target without being in a lot of pain. My physical therapist is also working with me to help my diastasis recti. Diastasis recti is separation of the left and right abdominal muscles and can cause a bulge in the belly from the muscles not coming back together. I had a slight separation postpartum with Mara, but this time my separation is much larger. I’m hopeful that physical therapy will help me to strengthen these muscles and reduce the bulge. But I also know that even after almost 2 years postpartum with Mara I still had a slight bulge, so this one may be around for quite awhile. The important thing is that I focus on strengthening those muscles and don’t exaggerate the issues with other ab exercises. Body After Birth

As far as other exercise goes, I plan on just walking a lot for the next several weeks and slowly getting back into running. There is a 10k in Richmond every spring that I enjoy running, so I’d like to run that in 2019. Once I’ve finished physical therapy I will probably add a few weighted exercises into my routine. My goal is to slowly ease into things so that I have the energy (and physical ability) for cleaning, carrying around my kids and running errands. Before I got pregnant, Mara and I spent most of our mornings out of the house doing various activities or strolling through the local parks. I’m excited to get back to that in the fall. Mara and I have spent WAY too much time in the house this past year! Getting out more will be a welcomed change for both of us.

For my diet, I’ve been working to cut out all of my constant snacking and purge the house of junk food. I’d been eating Oreos and granola bars constantly, so just not buying those helps a lot. I am also trying to eating healthier during the week. I usually meal prep a bit for my lunches so that I have fast, healthy options available. Otherwise I’d be eating cereal and PB&J crusts everyday. I’m not going to be practicing any particular diet, just making better choices for the majority of my meals. There is still plenty of room for a glass of wine in the evening, or takeout tacos. But Jesse and I should probably stop baking a Ghiradelli cake every week and eating it less than 2 days. Ooops.

One positive thing about the last time that I tracked my postpartum body is that posting pictures on the internet kept me a lot more accountable. It was a slow process, but it did feel good to see the changes over the months. I will be keeping track again here on the blog again for that purpose. Body After Birth

Body After Birth

There’s definitely something to be said about having the experience of pregnancy and birth under your belt. While “every pregnancy/baby is different” there are still a lot of similarities. Postpartum recovery is difficult, but this time I’m giving myself SO much more grace. I just had a baby for Pete’s sake! It’s ok that my hips hurt and I can’t move as well right now. It’s ok that I have bags under my eyes. And it’s definitely ok that my clothes don’t fit the same. Overall, I’m doing phenomenal. I feel happy and I’m being productive. Plus, I’m keeping two tiny humans fed and loved on. The rest will come together with time.

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  1. It’s so easy to be hard on ourselves post partum, but I love that you are focused on setting a good example for your girls! I’m post partum second time around too, and things are definitely a lot ‘softer’ than they used to be, but I’ve decided to give myself a break! Turns out giving myself a break wasn’t as hard as I thought. : )

  2. Hi, I love that you’re already thinking about the example that you’re setting for your girls!I’m post partum second time around too, and things are definitely a lot ‘softer’ than they used to be.

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