Pinterest Challenge!

If you don’t already follow Young House Love or Bower Power, you should! This week these lovely ladies are hosting their 2nd Pinterest Challenge! For those of you who dont know Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that allows you to “pin” pictures of home decor, recipes, DIY projects, fashion, etc. It’s great for keeping track of ideas! Check it out!

All this to say, I decided to participate in the challenge and make a monogram to hang on our front door, kinda like this one from Two Twenty One:

All I used for this project were a large wood R and a ball of twine (purchased at the Hobby Lobby). I cut my twine into very, very large pieces to wrap it (because the ball wouldn’t fit through the hole in my R). The twine knotted up a lot using that method but I wasn’t sure how else to do it. 

  1. I wrapped the curve first and ended up re-wrapping it 3 times because the curve leaves a lot of gaps and just doesn’t look as uniform as the rest of it.
  2. The long straight line was wrapped vertically first then horizontally. I curved the horizontal lines up to cover the little edges that stick out at the top and bottom.
  3. The most difficult part was the curve at the bottom of the R. It just didn’t want to lay flat and kept bunching up (probably because there is no straight space after the curve) It turned out ok but is definitely the most non-uniform part of the letter.
  4. For the middle I wrapped twine across the whole letter horizontally then wrapped it in an X across the tall part. I used the X to change the direction of my wrapping so that a could wrap it vertically in the very center. I had to tie the twine off on the front side to fill in one last gap.

Of course mine doesn’t look quite as good as the Pinterest one and I wrapped ribbon around it instead of doing bows and flowers (Hubsy didn’t want it too girly) but we like it! By the way, the trick to the ribbon is wrapping the straight side first and getting your spacing right, then cutting 2 or 3 separate pieces of ribbon for the curved sides. This keeps everything looking symmetrical.

I love having our R hanging outside! It makes our front door much more inviting and happy! Now if only I could paint that door…

Pinterest challenge posts aren’t being shared until Wednesday (I just knew I wouldn’t have time this weekend) so it’s not too late for you to get in on the fun!

And Pinterest didn’t pay me to rave about them. It really is awesome on its own!

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    1. It was actually quite simple. I just bought a large wooden R and wrapped twine around it! The curves were the hardest part! But you’re right! I should elaborate more 🙂

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