Deco Mesh Wreath Tutorial for a Patriotic Wreath

This incredibly simple deco mesh wreath tutorial is the perfect craft project to add a little patriotic flair to your front door. All you need is a styrofoam wreath form, floral pins, red, white and blue deco mesh and 30 minutes! This fun wreath is perfect for decorating your front door for Memorial Day, Fourth of July or just for the summer in general!

deco mesh wreath

This post was originally published June 12, 2014 and republished May, 17, 2021.

Deco mesh wreaths are a great way to make a large, fun decoration for your front door. This deco mesh wreath tutorial is different than others because it uses a foam wreath form rather than a wire wreath form. I personally feel like a foam wreath is easier to work with, and is typically less expensive.Foam wreath forms can be found at any crafting retailer, along with deco mesh and floral pins. When I foundΒ  patriotic red, white and blue deco mesh at the craft store, I knew it would make the perfect Fourth of July wreath!


deco mesh wreath

Deco Mesh Wreath Tutorial

This deco mesh wreath is super simple to create. Start with the foam wreath form, deco mesh and floral pins. It helps to open and dump out the floral pins so they are easy to grab. Unravel the deco mesh and then start bunching it so that it forms a round-looking bubble. Then pin it to the wreath form using a floral pin at the base of the “bubble.” I alternated the direction that I bunched, toward the outside first and then toward the inside, to give the deco mesh wreath an even look. I worked my way around the wreath and spaced my pins out by about 3″ initially. Once I was finished, I went back through and sporadically added more pins to better shape the mesh. deco mesh wreath

Floral pins work best for this project because the mesh is full of holes, so the heads of sewing pins easily slide through. The floral pins have two prongs, so they securely hold the mesh in place through summer heat and storms. One of the best things about this project is that the pins can be removed from the foam wreath form. This means that the pins, wreath form and deco mesh can all be recycled for future craft projects.This is actually my second time using this deco mesh wreath tutorial for a Fourth of July wreath. The first time I made the wreath I lined the inner circle of the wreath form with red starred ribbon. I also painted a few wooden stars to pin to the wreath.

This time, I added white deco mesh that I had on hand around the inside and outside of the wreath form. For my last finishing touch I pinned on a small American flag. red white and blue wreath

I love how big and festive a deco mesh wreath is! It’s the perfect eye candy for anyone’s front door this summer!

fourth of july wreath

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  1. That’s really cute! Our door has been bare since January. I keep saying I am going to get my red, white, and blue wreath out of the basement! Now I think I have to πŸ™‚

  2. I love it! If we weren’t up to our elbows in demo dust I’d make one for my front door!

  3. The wreath looks great. I too made some on my own. I still have some deco mesh left that I bought for wreaths creation from Papermart. I know deco mesh is a very versatile material that is excellent for a huge variety of projects. So may be I’ll use them for some other project too.

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