Party Rockin’ – 8 Tips for Hosting Any Type of Party

While I’m on the topic of partying, a lot of you mentioned in my blogiversary survey that you’d like to hear more about party planning. Now I don’t consider myself an expert, but we do love hosting people here at our house and we usually do so without a lot of stress, so I figured I’d share some of our experiences. I’ll share some tips today, and then get more specific with each post. This series will be broken into dinner parties, girl’s nights and large parties.

#1. You have to want to throw a party/have people over. If you put too much pressure on yourself over something you don’t even want to do you’re going to get stressed and it’s not going to be fun. I’m extroverted and always down to have people over, but it takes Jesse awhile to really get into things. If he doesn’t want to do it, I don’t force him. This may seem obvious, but I’ve seen hosts do this and everyone can tell they aren’t into their own party.

#2. Plan. Is it going to be a few people or do you want a lot of people to come? Small gatherings=a text sometime that week. A giant blowout=an invitation (I love using Facebook for this) a few weeks ahead of time. This also gives people a chance to get things together so they can bring something. 

#3. Let people bring things! Even if it’s just a bottle of wine or dessert, if someone offers say yes! It makes them feel useful, reduces your stress and helps you save some money. (And we all love saving money!)

#4. Budget! Jesse and I saved up for almost 4 months before our giant housewarming party. We wanted to go big, so we had to save big. Even a dinner party can set you back a bit, so make sure you plan your budget accordingly. 

#5. Have plenty of food! Usually for a dinner party enough for everyone to have seconds is good and for big parties just have plenty of snacks! It’s better to have plenty of food than too little, but no one wants leftovers for days in the fridge. 

#6. For larger gatherings, make sure you have anchor guests. Anchor guests are those people that will keep your party going and that a lot of people love to hang out with. When people see them on the invite list or hear that they are going, they’ll be more likely to come too.

#7. Setup according to your gathering. If you want to get rowdy, dance and drink then put away the nice glasses and grandma’s heirlooms and move the furniture for plenty of space. For a nice dinner party set the table and light some candles around the house, show off those vignettes and tablescapes! 😉 

#8. HAVE FUN! Don’t be running around fixing things or trying to clean up in the middle of the party, it gives people the impression you’re ready to leave. Obviously, you may need to clean up certain things sooner than others, just don’t get carried away. Also don’t get too smashed. Being buzzed or even drunk is fine, but you need to be keeping an eye out and making sure people aren’t breaking your stuff or making dumb decisions. You can have fun and be responsible at the same time, I promise. 😉

I’m so excited for this series, it makes me want to throw a party! 😉 If there’s ever a blog conference in Richmond, I’m totally throwing an after party! Who’s in?!?!

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  1. Great tips! We have not hosted anything, because our places have always been too small. But we can’t wait until we get a house so we can have people over!

  2. Ohhh, I want to come to your house and learn! I’m a terrible hostess. A typical scenario involves me ordering pizza and making everyone get their own drinks. :/

  3. Yay! This will be a fun series! We host people quite often at our place but I’m looking forward to getting a bigger house soon so we can host larger dinner parties, etc.

    And I’m with Brandi! Unless you have a guy with you- expect to be hit on! Glad you enjoyed clubbin!

  4. If there’s a blog conference in Richmond I’m flying in and crashing your after party (after going to said conference).

    We had a Halloween cocktail party this weekend, so I know what you mean about party planning. It was a blast though!!

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