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A few weeks ago you guys may remember that I posted about my plans for our dining room. Beautiful, wonderful plans that involved the 3 G’s, Green, Gold and Grasscloth. dining room mood board copyWell, as my luck would have it, friends of ours live in an apartment that has grasscloth wallpaper. We went to go visit them a few weekends back and now Jesse has jumped ship. That’s right, he’s now anti-grasscloth. Which means, that because I’m a good wife, I need to get re-inspired for the dining room. Blarg!

My solution to most home problems where Jesse and I can’t agree is to simply move on to something else and then come back to the problem area later. But I’m really anxious to open a can of paint! It’s been too long! I may get some samples to ease myself into it because the last thing I want is to waste the money on paint and hate it all. I still would really like to use green, but without the neutral color and texture of the grasscloth, I’m afraid it may be too overwhelming.

That’s when I discovered this awesome new tool at the Olympic Paint website! It’s very similar to the My Colortopia tool, but with this one I have access to all of the Olympic color line, which is typically what we use. You use the tools to select the areas of your walls you want to paint.olympicpainttool

(If you want to be really precise you can make your lines straight, but I was just kind of slapping this together for some quick visuals.) Then you drag the paint colors you want to try out into the correct numbered region. olympic paint toolMy most favorite part was that the default color is a pure white, which is what we want to eventually use on the kitchen cabinets, so it makes visualizing the future of the kitchen really easy without putting too much extra time consuming work into the mock up.

As you can tell from the above picture, I’m still pretty hung up on the green. I really want to use a fun color on the walls, that will play off both the wood trim, the white cabinets, and the gray living room well. Purple could be an option, but these are almost the exact colors of the office upstairs. olympic paint tool purpleAnd then gray is always an option, with brighter green and blue accessories. But is it too much gray, since the living room will be gray?olympic paint tool grayAnd again, I’m still really stuck on the green and gold look. olympic paint toolI think the trickiest part for me will be finding the right color to go above the green and the chair rail. It can’t clash with the green, or the white cabinets. Decisions, decisions! All this would be SO much easier if Jesse just went with the grasscloth!

Have you guys been doing any paint color brainstorming lately? How do you decide what colors are best? Does your husband poop on your parties with practicality too?

**I wasn’t paid for my review of the Olympic Paint tool. I just thought it was awesome and wanted to share.**


  1. Kristen | Popcorn on the Stove

    Joe does that to me all the time – but mostly when I mention purple. Go figure!

    I love how the green looks! Would you consider going darker (a darker hue could look really great with the wood trim)??

  2. We disagree quite a lot, Rodney likes bold dark colours and I prefer lighter more neutral colours. But it has actually been really good as our compromises have ended up forcing me to be more adventurous and I love the results we have ended up with.

    I really like the grey, but how about a deep teal or something so it is still kind of green just more of a blue-green rather than green green xox

  3. I like how the green looks! My parents chose mostly greens and blues for their wood-trim home and they’ve worked great.

  4. Travis & I have the same problem. The only time we don’t is when it comes to the man-cave. & I do like the green one.

  5. Jess @ Little House. Big Heart.

    Kevin always tries to poop on my decor parties, but I always convince him that I’m right in the end. 🙂

    I loved the greens and golds of your original mood board! And that is an awesome tool!

  6. The green looks really nice with the wood trim! I’m always partial to a good grey though. haha

    Bob NEVER agrees with my decor plans. He actually HATES color on the walls. He would rather live in a house of all bright while walls. gag. He told me the grey I picked for downstairs was too dark – even though you can barely see a difference between the grey wall and white ceiling. What a bump on a log. haha

    I’m now going to waste my morning playing with that paint tool!

  7. Shayne disagrees with me all the time! Sometimes I compromise and sometimes I just go ahead anyways. He usually comes around and he cares a lot less about what the house looks like than I do.

    I like the green tones with the wood trim. Would you consider painting the interior of your french doors a deep glossy charcoal or something? That could bring the grey in and be a fun accent.

    I’m sad about the grasscloth too- I was looking forward to seeing that!

  8. Aww boo to losing your initial vision! Why didn’t he like the grasscloth?

    • It didn’t age very well in our friends apartment. It had stains and the grass was fraying in a lot of places. He doesn’t trust us or any future rug rats to not destroy it in a few short years.

  9. Doesnt like grasscloth??? Whaaaaa??????

  10. I like the green. A lot! You could stencil the top part of the wall for some spice. Good luck!

  11. GREEN!;]

  12. Bummer that Jesse is anti-grasscloth. But I LOVE the green/gold combo. That paint tool is really awesome… I may have to use that next time I want to paint! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  13. Whitney@drabtofab

    Oh bummer!! I’m so sorry he jumped ship! But keep brainstorming! I’m sure you’ll both like something else!

  14. Oh man, I’m sorry he wasn’t a fan of your grass cloth idea! Hopefully the two of you can come together on something you both LOVE! Thankfully Pete doesn’t mind most of my design choices…phew!

  15. My parents had a very similar situation going on in their last house. Sage green below the chair rail and white walls above. They liked it so much that they used the same green in their current house…this time, white below the chair rail and sage green walls above. Both looked fantastic. I say, go with green!

  16. What about painting the doors green? That might seas the pop of color your looking for.

  17. Amy@BuffaloRoam

    I have to say that my husband rarely poops on my plans. At least not literally. 😉 Regardless of the grasscloth… I like where you’re headed. Will be so pretty!!

  18. Kelly @ Corner of Main

    That tool is really cool. I am going to have to check it out the next time we need to paint!

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