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I’ve noticed lately that everyone is itching for fall, and I’ve got to admit I’m tired of these 90+ degree days myself. But thinking about summer being over makes me think of all the things I didn’t do this summer like go swimming, go to the beach, host a cookout and decorate my patio. Jesse and I’s patio isn’t awesome and we already have plans to extend it and pull up some plants and plant new ones and have the whole thing resurfaced, but none of that will get done until next summer, or later. I also dont have any outdoor seating (never finished painting those patio chairs) or a table, so those are on the list too. But that doesn’t stop me from daydreaming about the perfect outdoor living space.

And for the sake of a visual, here’s our patio area now:

And here is my very lame attempt to use Photoshop and show you our extension plans:

The grayish color is the patio, the green lines are garden beds for veggies, the green dots are flowers or shrubs, there will also be a small flower bed around the tree, and the brown arch is the arbor from our wedding. We’d like to do a stone path from the driveway, through the garden, under the arch to the patio and have an outdoor counter/food prep area under the kitchen windows. We’ll have seating and a fire pit and I’d love to wrap some twinkle lights around the tree.

What does your dream outdoor living space look like? Or would you rather stay inside away from the bugs?

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  1. I’m not sure if it’s me, but your blog took awhile to load for me this morning. The background & BlogHer top bar came up right away, but everything else took way longer than usual. 🙁

    Loving the future extension plans. I never realized how big your house was until I saw that picture of the back. How many square feet is it??

      1. It seems like everyone with Blogher takes a long time to load…the other day it was taking forever! =( Today seems ok!

  2. You have come up with a beautiful plan for your outdoor space! It is already quite pretty back there! I have been daydreaming about decorating and fixing up our new patio and back porch spaces for quite some time, but like you guys, there is no way we can get anything done this year…or maybe not even next year! But until then, we are working on seeding and sodding some parts of the back yard so we can at least start to get a lawn around the patio. We are sick of having a dirt yard haha.

    Thanks for the backyard eye candy! 🙂

  3. I hear you! I have a list a mile long of things I haven’t done in summer (beach is one of them for me too!).

    Extending the patio back there would look great! And I love all of your inspiration spaces… I WANT THEM ALL 🙂

  4. I totally know what you mean. For the past two years I have had dreams of stringing lights above our deck. But ever year I refuse to pay full price for party lights and decided to wait until Christmas and buy Christmas lights instead. Unfortunately, I forget every year at Christmas.
    The picture of your backyard gives a sense of how big your house is. You will have a great space to work with… perfect for entertaining.

  5. Oh I would love outdoor space like that! The weather here is so unpredictable there is no way we could have those outdoor sofa things. We have a shared garden with our flat and are lucky that our neighbours keep it really nice but I’m itching for the day we have a house and a garden of our own. xox

  6. I love the plan you guys came up with for your backyard – I think it’ll look great when it’s all done!

  7. Never take down that tree(not that you were gonna,lol.) Its in the perfect spot for the twinkle lights you want to do! I wish i had one in such a perfect spot :\ .
    Hmmmmm,maybe ill plant one (even though it will take a few years to get to the right height,but hey time flies so no big ;] ). Go garage saling for now and pick up a few cute cheap pieces to enjoy now and in the fall. Never wait until you have bunches of money to enjoy something ! Just get creative on a small budget and do it !

  8. I can totally see your vision! Your backyard is already cute, so a nice little patio will just be even sweeter. 🙂

  9. Wow- that photo really does make your house look HUGE! You have a great base to work with- it’s lovely back there! That tree is amazing and would look so great with twinkle lights- I seriously love that idea and want a tree by my deck now to do that with too! lol. I think your plans sound great!

  10. I couldn’t live without a patio for sitting outside and eating dinner. Summers here don’t last long, I need to take advantage of every minute I can spend outdoors!

    It looks like you have a good plan for your backyard patio & gardens – that’s a great start! Just do a bit at a time, and you’ll get it all done 🙂

  11. I love the twinkle light idea. And like eveyone else, I never realized how big your house is until I saw it from the back! Our outdoor space is pretty pathetic right now. And may stay that way for a few more years.

  12. Love the photoshop! Hehe! And girl, your house looks HUGE at that angle! And you are definitely not alone. We have three frickin decks and only one of them has any furniture on it! I’m holding out for the perfect adirondacks for the front, and the covered one on the back still has scaffolding on it! Bah!

  13. You have a nice backyard! I know what you mean though…I can’t wait for fall, but we only used our deck once this season! And last year when I purchased a cute wicker sofa and chair set I totally envisioned myself sitting out there reading and drinking iced tea…um…it has yet to happen! lol.

  14. Love your patio plans! What a great space for a big patio. I’m jealous – I have a tiny back yard and a concrete slab. I’ll live vicariously through you!!

  15. I love being outside, and I am not itching for fall yet. It might be because now that I live right next to the beach, I want summer to be forever! I used to live 30 minutes inland and it was hell out there! So yes, I would have definitely wanted cooler weather…

    I love being outdoors, but sometimes it’s nice when it becomes winter and cold and it rains and then I just get to snuggle up inside and drink hot cocoa.

    I like your plans for your patio/yard area. I’m really into the archway 🙂


  16. Your house is huge, never realized that before! I love your outside plans. I wish I had an outside area! Looking forward to seeing it evolve!

  17. Love that you’ll wrap the patio around that beautiful tree – and include your wedding arbor! And tickled that my patio inspires you!

    I just got my patio furniture – after years of searching! I wouldn’t settle for something I didn’t love and so glad I waited. Besides, half the fun is in the search.

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