November 2019 Favorites

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!! I no longer have to try to curb my holiday enthusiasm! I can blast Christmas music whenever and wherever I want! I’m so excited for this holiday season with my family. We have a few fun things planned, but I’m trying not to burn myself out this year. Recently, my favorite podcast (Live Free Creative) talked about having a word that represents how I want the holiday season to feel. Words could be fun, peaceful, magical, warm, etc. I’ve been gravitating towards something like intentional or relaxed. I don’t want to overwhelm the season with  activities or give into pressures and do things my family wouldn’t really enjoy. I don’t want to stress too much or be grumpy. I just want to enjoy the season and traditions with my family!

November 2019 favorites


November 2019 favorites


Basically everyone should have known this would be at the top of my list this month. Disney+ is AMAZING! I love having access to all of my Disney favorites, especially the old Disney Channel Original movies. Brink, Motocrossed and Double Teamed were my jam. Of course I also love the collection of Star Wars and Marvel movies. We already owned all of the Star Wars movies, but now I don’t have to get up and put in the DVD. #lazyforthewin We have been loving The Mandalorian, I even made a cheese board to celebrate the occasion. It is so well done and true to the style and spirit of Star Wars. Mara has been loving watching Little Einsteins and random stuff like Cinderella II as well as our typical movie staples. Bellamy is obsessed with Else right now, so every time we open the app she toddles over to the TV and starts yelling “ELSA! ELSA! Look! See! ELSSSAAAAA!”  I’m so excited to explore more of the original shows and movies after the cheesy Christmas movie season is over.

November 2019 favorites


I gave up desserts for November as part of the Last 90 Days challenge, so I needed a snack alternative to my usual post-dinner ice cream. I picked up a giant bag of Skinny Pop at Costco because the ingredients are just popcorn, sunflower oil and salt. It made for the perfect Disney+ watching snack at night and curbed all of my evening snack cravings. I will definitely be keeping this around to have as my usual evening go-to and save ice cream for the weekends.

November 2019 favorites

Victoria Emerson

I’ve been following a personal stylist on Instagram that focuses specifically on moms and creating simple, put together looks that are great for every day life. One tip she’s always sharing is that accessories are an easy way to elevate any look. With the right accessories jeans and a t-shirt look like a thought out effort, even though it took you 2.5 seconds to get dressed. So I started looking out for accessories that were simple and casual that I could throw on with my Old Navy jeans. I kept seeing these wrap bracelets by Victoria Emerson pop up on influencers and bloggers that I followed, so *when they were having a sale* I snagged one for myself. It is so well made and the perfect accessory for every day life. I don’t have any problem with it sliding up and down on my arm, which is perfect for someone that wipes little booties all day. Plus, it really does elevate my look. Or at least I think it does, which is what actually matters. I definitely have my eye on a few more of these! 


November 2019 favorites

Amazon Prime

The Man in the High Castle is an Amazon Original series that started back in 2015. The show just launched its 4th and final season and Jesse and I were glued to the TV for all of it. We started the show when it first came out because the premise was so intriguing to us. It’s based in 1960’s America but if the Nazis and Japanese had won World War 2. It’s terrifying to think about the possibility of that outcome, but as the show goes on you realize that there is WAY more to the story. This show is sci-fi and trippy AF, but SO good. It’s definitely a binge watcher! Jesse and I aren’t into too much gore or sex scenes and this show didn’t have too much of that at all. It’s war-based so there is plenty of blood and violence, but not anything overly grotesque. There is usually one scene per season with lots of boobies, but that’s about it. If you watch it, I need to know your thoughts and feelings!

November 2019 favorites


I actually got a few messages from people calling me out for not posting about this song earlier. You all know me so well! Haha! The Jonas Brothers’ new Christmas song is called “Like It’s Christmas” and it is SO good. It’s upbeat, catchy and fun. Plus it’s the Jonas Brothers so that’s basically an automatic win in my book. The girls and I have been listening to it since it dropped on the 8th. I definitely think it’s the Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays (N*Sync) of this decade. For me at least.

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