My Favorite Grey’s Anatomy Merch

It’s that time again. Time for my favorite show to return! If you know me at all, then you know that I’m obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve watched it all the way through approximately 8 times. No lie. So you better believe that come 8pm EST on Thursday I will be snuggled up on the couch with a glass of wine ready for Season 16!

I got into Grey’s about 7 years ago (which makes the number of times I’ve seen it even more ridiculous). I make references to it all the time in casual conversation and rejoice when I meet another fan. Plus, I collect Grey’s Anatomy merch. Grey's Anatomy merch

Just for fun, here’s a few Grey’s Anatomy related facts about me.

  1. It’s been my go-to show for my postpartum recovery with both of my kids. I set up a glider in my bedroom and would turn on Grey’s before starting a feeding. It almost made the middle of the night a little less lonely because it was so familiar.
  2. No matter how many times I see them, certain episodes still make me bawl my eyes out (Denny and the plane crash especially).
  3. I get anxious and have a hard time watching the “surgeries” on babies. This was something that started happening after Mara had her pyloric stenosis surgery at two weeks old. It’s just heartbreaking to me to see a little baby alone on the operating table.
  4. Alex Karev is my favorite character. His development as a person is just SO. GOOD. He went from insufferable asshole to amazing best friend. I love him.
  5. Seasons 1-2, 7-8, and 13 are my absolute favorites! I love the show as a whole, but the cast chemistry, story, and drama from these seasons is my favorite! After season 2 Izzie drives me nuts, so she kind of ruins 3-6 for me. It would be so much better if she left earlier!

As a super fan I naturally have a few Grey’s items, but I’m always on the lookout for more. I  feel like I need a t-shirt (or 3) and a dedicated wine glass to go with my sweatshirt and coffee mug. Grey's Anatomy merch


I miss the old days of dark and twisty Meredith and Cristina. They were an inspiration to best friends everywhere. I’d definitely have to send a matching dark and twisty glass to my Twisted Sister so we could watch and drink wine together.

I think fun coffee mugs are the perfect gifts for friends, especially if your friends are obsessed with television or pop culture. This mug talks about all of my favorite Grey’s characters and I feel like I really need it.

OG fans would probably be more drawn to a Seattle Grace tee over a Grey Sloan one. I’ve got to admit, I’d probably choose Seattle Grace if I had to… I think it’d be hilarious if this said Seattle Grace Mercy Death instead though.

Speaking of old school fans, it doesn’t get any better than this retro cast tee. It’s even got Callie and Sloan, and there’s no Izzie (yasss!)! Talk about the perfect fan tee!

It’s a beautiful day to save lives. There isn’t a more iconic television catch phrase. I love this t-shirt and I’d definitely snag a McDreamy quote coffee mug too.

What’s your favorite Grey’s Anatomy merch item? Are you as stoked for the new season on Thursday as I am?!

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