Merry Mantel – Christmas Mantel Decor

Christmas is my favorite holiday to decorate for! I love going all out, especially with my Christmas mantel decor.

Can you believe it’s already December?! And even more alarming, there’s only 21 days until Christmas! I have not bought a single gift, and I’m starting to freak out about it. But the good news is I finished most of my decorating over the weekend, so there is no lack of Christmas Spirit in my house. That also means lots of fun Christmas posts here on the blog! Since there is a mantel linkup today at Our Fifth House and Ten June, I figured that my Christmas mantel decor would be a good place to start the Christmas tour!! When it comes to Christmas decorations I am a pretty traditional person. I love using red, green, and white with a few touches of silver and gold, and our mantel definitely reflects that! The stockings are the same as last year’s mantel, I made Jesse’s for our first Christmas and now he’s sentimentally attached (though I find it embarrassing) and I’ve had my stocking since I was a little girl, my grandmother made it for me. The stocking hangers are new though, I got them for $15 at Hobby Lobby the weekend before Thanksgiving. I was worried they wouldn’t stay put because I bought some last year that just kept falling so I returned them, but these are pretty sturdy! If you participated in our Blogger Christmas Card Exchange last year you may recognize the card in the frame as one of Melanie‘s. I loved the card so much and thought it would look great against the shiny, red polka dot wrapping paper I bought this year, and I was right 😉 I’ve had the wine bottle with the R for forever, though I have no idea where it came from. The reindeer was a Michael’s purchase last Christmas and he’s one of my favorite decorations, who doesn’t love a glittery reindeer? I moved my teal frame over, thanks to a reader’s suggestion, to change things up a bit and made a small wreath with some leftover garland and ribbon to hang from it (I made several of these and will be sharing them later). The vase was lying around the house, so I filled it with ornaments and pinecones to finish things off. Since we had a hard time finding firewood this year, which is a total bummer, I decorated the top of the wood stove. It’s super simple with a few wine corks, my Paris souvenir and a red votive. I’m hoping that we can track down some wood and get the stove burning soon though! And of course Frosty and his friends are back this year! I made these fellas last year from left over 4x4s and they are definitely one of my favorite projects to date! I moved my card garland to this side of the room this year and I like it much better. Each card has special significance and a lot of them are from grandparents and family that are no longer with us. It’s my little way of including them in my holiday celebration. I also decorated under the tv this year with some garland and lights, it drives Jesse crazy but it doesn’t block the sensor for the remote, so it stays.

I love turning on all of the Christmas lights, lighting the candles and snuggling up on the couch with a blanket, a glass of wine and a Christmas movie. Sometimes I’ll skip the movie and just stare at all the lights and bask in the warmth of Christmas, or maybe that’s the wine making me warm… Either way, I LOVE Christmas and Christmas decorations.

How do you like to decorate for the holidays? Are you into bright and bold colors, or are you more traditional like me? 

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  1. i’m also traditional with reds and whites but i have colorful ornaments on my tree. i’m not picky. i cant believe you are having a hard time finding firewood. bring a truck to our house and load up…we have a ton! we can drink some wine while the boys load it up, yes?

  2. Love the mantle. The wreath and frame are cute. And I love your snowmen, I actually pinned this project for myself, but have not done it yet. (Like most of my pins!!)
    And the Card garland, keeping the older special cards on display, great idea!

  3. Love your mantel….and no worries about the gifts! I’ve only bought one! But somehow it always works out. 🙂

    Have an awesome day rock star!

  4. I was just going to exclaim about how you had already gotten Christmas cards. When I read that they were special cards you had saved moved me. I will now save cards for Grace, that I think might mean something to her later in life. What a great idea. Love your traditional mantel and the meaningful things you have chosen to decorate with.

  5. So cute, you did a great job with the colors! i’m all about traditional reds and greens with lots of snowmen and nutcrackers!

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