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May 2019 Favorites

May was an awesome month! The weather is finally warm, so we spent a lot of time outside and doing fun activities. Getting out of the house was crucial to my sanity since we didn’t have floors in our kitchen all month. That project is finally wrapping up, so I’m just so happy. There’s also a few little things that made me happy this month. Here’s my May 2019 favorites!

May 2019 favorites

May 2019 favorites


I had my hair cut short at the end of April and I’ve actually been keeping it styled! I usually don’t make time for that, but I got a cut that requires a bit of styling to look really cute. It has really made a difference in how I feel most days! I spend about 30 minutes curling it with my Remington Pro 1/2″ – 1″ Ceramic Curling Wand, two to three times a week. The rest of the time I just zhush it up with a little dry shampoo and hairspray. I’ve had this wand for years, but regular use has really made me fall in love all over again. Also, I love this Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo. It smells like coconut heaven! Perfect for the summer!


May 2019 favorites

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I’ve been talking about buying a double jogging stroller since I was pregnant with Bellamy. I kept putting it off for various reasons, like cost, compatibility with our car seat, I was worried it wouldn’t fit in my Kia Soul. However, I finally bit the bullet and bought one! It has been a GAME CHANGER! I feel more comfortable taking the girls out on walks, to parks, to the mall, basically anywhere. If Mara is being super 3 and not listening, she goes into the stroller. If she gets tired, into the stroller. If we are somewhere kind of crowded, into the stroller. It’s been great! And I’m definitely getting a lot more exercise! We bought the Baby Trend Expedition double jogger stroller. It’s super lightweight, fits through most doorways, and also fits in my Kia Soul! It isn’t compatible with car seats, so it wouldn’t be good for a little baby. Since Bellamy is almost 1 (holy cow!) it’s perfect for us right now!


May 2019 favorites

When it’s hot outside and I’m running around with the girls I love getting an iced coffee. More specifically, an iced mocha! It’s got the caffeine I need to keep me going, tastes so sweet and chocolatey and it’s cold. However, getting iced mochas at Starbucks every other day really puts a hurt on my wallet, so I started making them at home instead. I bought a cute little cup with a straw at Target to be my iced coffee cup. I fill it with ice and mostly coffee. It’s usually the other half of my coffee from the morning that’s gotten cold. Then I top it with about 1/2 cup of chocolate almond milk. I prefer almond milk over regular milk now because that’s all the Jesse drinks. I have my iced coffee almost every day and I love it.


May 2019 favorites

The 100

One of Jesse and I’s favorite shows, The 100, came back toward the end of April and we are pumped! We were both worried the new season would be terrible because they were moving in a different direction, but it is SO good! We look forward to watching it all week. It’s a CW show, so it’s got lots of PG-13 drama, plus post-apocalyptic adventure. The first 5 seasons are on Netflix and are great for binging!


May 2019 favorites

I’ve talked before about the life changing magic of waking up early to get a start on the day when everyone else is sleeping. It’s so easy to get out of the habit (because getting out of bed early SUCKS) but it truly makes a difference. I feel less rushed and more centered when I have at least 30 minutes to myself in the morning. If I don’t get up early, then I’m getting up to the sound of Bellamy crying. That’s not the most pleasant way to wake up. My early mornings give me a chance to sip my coffee in quiet. I can read, write, plan, work out. or just sit and be still. Now that I’m waking up early again, I truly feel a difference in my attitude and energy levels on the days I choose to sleep in. I almost always regret not waking up early. I think it’s been the largest factor in me enjoying the past several weeks!

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  1. Annette Eleanor Petrick

    Spent my whole career getting started while everyone else was still asleep. Works wonders. And gives you that wonderful self start where you can just appreciate yourself for a few minutes before you become the person everyone else wants.

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