Simple Bathroom Updates – What the Hell Took So Long

Simple bathroom updates should be a quick project, so why did it take MONTHS for me to finish updating our owner’s suite bathroom.

After I revealed our owner’s suite bathroom refresh earlier this week I’m sure you were wondering exactly what took so long. I know I was. We didn’t do any tiling, there’s no new feature, no updated plumbing. All we did was paint walls and cabinets, switch out a light fixture and hang a new mirror. So what the hell took so long?! 

Simple Bathroom Updates That Took Forever

Replacing Grout

First, this whole bathroom refresh started when we decided to (finally!) have the grout replaced in the shower stall. It’s 3 walls, plus the floor, in a very tight space. We contemplated DIYing it, but my husband had a miserable time replacing the grout in the other bathroom’s tub area. He was afraid of chipping tiles, so he did all of the grout removal by hand. It took him a few weeks and he vowed never to do it again. I was pregnant, so I wasn’t much help.

This spring, we finally decided to redo the grout in our shower so we called people for estimates. It wasn’t cheap, but we found a company that was reasonably priced. I’d also met the owners at a previous place of employment.

It was a while before they could come out because we had to let the shower dry out for two weeks. We moved everything we needed into the girls’ bathroom and removed everything from the walls. The guy came and spent 8-9 hours cleaning the shower and replacing the grout. The next morning, the tiles were rough and hazy. Grout was totally missing in several spots. In others it wasn’t replaced at all. We called and they sent someone out two weeks later. Same thing. This happened a total of 4 times. It took almost 3 months before we finally got to a decent point. And I say decent because it still doesn’t look that great in several spots. That whole ordeal definitely slowed our roll a bit. We just kind of shut the door and ignored the bathroom for a while after that.

Delayed Painting

Then we have me. It’s no secret that I am probably the world’s slowest DIYer. It took me 3 weeks to paint that room. I worked on it consistently every day during nap time when I wasn’t cleaning, folding laundry, or watching InstaStories. Cutting in all those angles is no joke. At least for a slow-poke like me. I didn’t even paint the cabinets. My husband did that. Because he complained that I was too slow. Plus, I was a dum-dum and decided to paint the bathroom AND redesign my blog at the same time. Which means I went back and forth between the two every other day.


The next simple bathroom updates snag: I couldn’t pick a rug. I bought 5 different rugs for that room and hated all of them. They looked so cute and promising online, but in person, nope. I’m about to sound like my mom, but I actually HATE shopping online in general. I really like to touch and feel something before buying it. Plus, returning things is such a hassle. Maybe I will come around to it one day, it just did not work out for me this time around. I actually ended up finding this rug at At Home for less than $30. The pattern was cute and subtle and it had more neutral colors with only a hint of green. Plus, Jesse liked it.

Next issue, the mirror. I LOVED this mirror from Rejuvenation, but I did not love the price tag. I really couldn’t justify $300 for a mirror. But I really wanted a large mirror with a thinner frame for a more mid-century modern look. So I started searching Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace on a daily basis. The mirror that I bought was $20 and after some light sanding and a darker finish it looked pretty damn good. Plus, it saved us a ton of money.

My One Splurge

Now, though I didn’t splurge on the mirror, I did splurge a bit (for me) on the hardware for our cabinets. I fell in love with the Spanish Moss knob from Anthropologie years ago. We actually used them on our handmade nightstands back in 2013. They were a bit much at $8 a pop (almost $50 total) but I found a coupon for 20% off. So I went for it. I just could NOT find any hardware that I loved as much as those knobs. Sometimes it’s good to splurge a bit. Especially when we saved on just about everything else!

So there you have it! The reasons why our simple bathroom updates took so long for us to finish. Life gets busy. But that’s okay. We still ended up with a beautiful bathroom that we love.

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