Why I Loved Turning 30

Today, is my 31st birthday and I am excited! Usually, I don’t care about odd numbered birthdays. I prefer even numbers and always think of odd numbers as meh for some reason. But this year I’m excited, because my 30th year of life was incredible. Unlike many people that I know, I wasn’t afraid or sad when my 30th birthday came around last year. Instead, I felt excited. To me turning 30 meant that I was finally an adult! I had two children and was living the life that I’d always imagined. Usually that would have people thinking that their life was over, but instead I felt like mine was truly just beginning. Now that I had everything I’d always dreamed of, what else could I dream? And what else could I do to improve the dream I was currently living? turning 30

Why I Loved Turning 30

I’ve grown so much in the past year and I’m really digging deep to truly understand and better myself. The more I understand myself, the more confidence I have in going after the things that I want in life. I’m truly coming into my skin and learning that it’s okay for me to take up space in our family and the world in general. I can make time for myself and still be a good mom and wife. I can take care of the house and take care of me. I can make decisions sometimes that not everyone is going to life, and that’s okay too. Turning 30 has given me freedom. I truly have loved being 30.

More Self-Confidence

I’ve been more confident in myself and my appearance this past year than I have in a long time. This confidence probably comes from the work I’ve put into understanding my skin and hair. I have a skin routine that I follow every night and my skin has never looked better! I also spend five minutes putting on a bit of makeup every day which makes me feel more put together. I even curl my hair a few days a week! This is big for me because I rarely fixed my hair before. I always admired the girls that did their hair, but had decided that “wasn’t me.” Turns out, it is! I think I was trying to hold on to the girl that I was in college. I hardly ever wore make up, my hair was always in a messy bun and my daily uniform included jeans, old camp t-shirts, a bandanna and an oversized hoodie. Back then I thought the low maintenance look made me look cool and rebellious, now it makes me feel unmotivated. It’s okay to put a little effort into myself and my appearance because I’m worth the effort. And I like the way I look when I do. turning 30

Dreaming New Dreams

Growing up all I ever wanted was to get married and have kids. Being a stay-at-home mom was my dream job. Now, I have all of those things, but that doesn’t mean I’m done dreaming. I’m excited about making new dreams and visions for my future. I know some of those dreams involve doing fun things with the girls and Jesse, like Disney World. They include more travel for me with my friends. They also involve me going back to work in some capacity, one day. I’m not 100% sure what the future holds, but the possibilities are endless! It’s so much fun to have dreams come true and to keep dreaming.

Not Waiting to Accomplish Goals

I know that goals seem an awful lot like dreams, but I’m talking more short-term, “little picture” goals. The things that I want in the more immediate future. A lot of my goals now that I’m in my 30’s involve activities that I put off when I was younger. I thought I’d have more time as a stay-at-home mom (haha), but now I know that the only way to make more time is to prioritize and just do it. If I want to accomplish the goals that I’ve set for myself, then I need to just get them done. A few examples of me practicing this last year were my two trips to Disney World, going solo to see the Jonas Brothers, my 6 a.m. morning routine and the tiling project in the kitchen. I think I find just getting things done and going after my goals a bit easier now than in my 20’s because I know that for the most-likely foreseeable future, this is my life. I will be moming every day, taking care of the house, and just all-around managing my family’s lives. In the midst of all that, it’s important that I do things for just me too. I am important. Those “things for me” may not always include a vacation in Florida, but they will include activities that I want to do.

Know My Body

Over the past year I have become SO in-tune with my body. I attribute a lot of that to having children. I’m now hyper aware of my cycle and how things usually operate. But beyond that, I know what foods bother my stomach and what kind of eating habits work best for me. I’m able to eat healthier for the most part and make wiser decisions when it comes to snacks and sweets. I know that I don’t enjoy drinking too much because it trashes my sleep and makes me feel like utter crap. And I know that I need 7.5 hours of sleep every night to be my best functioning self. That means I have a strict 10:30 p.m. bedtime to go with my 6 a.m. wake up. I’ve also learned that with the right amount of sleep I AM a morning personturning 30

Turning 30 basically gave me permission to get to know myself and appreciate my body and my abilities. It flipped the “adulthood” switch in me, despite having had kids, a husband and a house for years. I started to fully embrace life as it was and really envision what I wanted for the next 10 years. It also helped me see that there were some areas in my life that were holding me back mentally and emotionally. After turning 3o I started thinking that I should go to therapy and, after a few months of thought, I actually started going. Therapy has helped me cope with my anxiety and some obsessive tendencies. It’s also helped me to be okay with taking up space in the world. I think that’s what all of this comes down to, me being alright with taking up my space. So, if you’re nervous about turning 30 (or any age for that matter) instead of dwelling on the negatives of getting older, think of the positives instead. Think about how much you’ve developed as a person, the knowledge you’ve gained, think about the endless possibilities the future holds. Day dream, set goals and then give yourself person to take up your space and go after what you want. This could be the best year of your life! Looking back 30 was definitely one of the best years of mine.

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