My Living Room Vision – Creating a Living Room Design Board

Need help visualizing how you want a living space to come together? Consider creating a living room design board to help guide your choices.

It’s finally here! The day has finally arrived for our living room to get a fresh coat of paint and for me to start decorating for real! Pretty much since we’ve moved in the living room has looked like this:

Pretty blah and boring. Nothing but shades of brown going on. But that’s all about to change! I’ve got a gallon of Sherwin Williams Mink sitting in the kitchen ready to go on that large focal wall (with the very small frame). The color is rich and dark and gray and dramatic. I’m so excited!

Sherwin-Williams-Mink (via)sherwin williams mink (via)

The two back walls (behind and besides the couch) will be in a pale gray. I haven’t quite decided on that color yet, but I’ll worry about that once we get the focal wall painted. If you’ve been following my blog for a while you may remember this living room design board I made:living room board copy

Well I’m happy to say that my tastes haven’t totally changed, and I’m still planning on doing something like this, but with a lot more red mixed in. I love the combination of red and teal and think it will be perfect in this space. The red will mostly come from accessories and pillows, but I’m also planning on doing red patterned curtains, like these. Nothing too overwhelming, but just a pop of color on the windows.

We’re still planning on buying a sectional, and that should happen sometime after Christmas. Then we’ll be building a large L-shaped console table to go behind the couch, hopefully with book shelves on the ends for me to style 😉

console-slant-front (via)

I’m still looking into slipper chairs, or arm chairs, for the corner opposite the couch too. It would add extra seating when we have a lot of people over and would just be cute. But the thing I’m most excited about is my wall quote for the focal wall. When I first saw this one on Chris Loves Julia I fell in love and knew I needed it in my house! I think a cute little quote about home would be perfect here, and I’ll probably surround the quote in pictures of our friends and family. chris loves julia wall quote

Just typing all of this has me super giddy about getting started! It’s going to be amazing! 🙂

What projects in your house are you excited about? Are you excited about my living room transformation too? You should be 😉

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  1. I’m so excited FOR you!
    Can’t wait to see the color up on the walls and a quote! I love the same color as the wall quote things! We’ve been wanting to do one in our man-cave.

    Can’t wait to follow along!

  2. I’m super excited to follow along!! I love the direction you’re headed and can’t wait to see that focal wall! I looooove the quote on the wall- I have something like that planned for our house too! The letters can get so pricey though! I think we’re going to try to jig saw them out of some MDF I already have…. we’ll see how that goes! haha

  3. The gray with pops of color is going to be beautiful! My living room needs a serious revamp! I’m lusting after a gray couch!

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