We’re Moving! – Life Update

Well hello there! Long time no blog! I know that I basically fell off the face of the Earth for awhile there, but I’m back with some exciting news… WE’RE MOVING!!! Actually, we technically already moved, but not into a permanent location. We’ve been living with family while our house was on the market and we’re still here waiting for our new house to be ready. I had announced on Instagram back in July that our house was on the market, but then I kinda left it alone and stopped posting. I just felt weird advertising to the public that our house was vacant. I also didn’t want to try to keep up with a story or be dishonest, so I just stayed quiet. The story of how this all happened is a little nuts and I definitely don’t recommend moving during a pandemic, but I’m so excited about this next stage in our life.

Surprise! We’re Moving!

We had been saving up to move for about a year now, but we fully expected to wait at least another year or two before actually moving. Then Covid hit and suddenly we were in a house that we knew we wanted to leave eventually 24/7. Add to that some issues with a neighbor that got worse the longer we were all stuck at home and we just kind of snapped. We decided on a Saturday that we wanted to move and we were out of the house by that Wednesday. We left the house abruptly so that Jesse and I could paint and work on the house without the kids around. Plus, we needed professionals to come in for a few things and had to interview realtors. It was much easier (and in our opinion safer) to not be living in the house while strangers were coming and going. We got the house ready in about 3 weeks and put it on the market. We had an offer, which we accepted, within 3 days and were expecting to close by mid-August.

Once August hit we started seriously looking for a house to purchase. We knew that we wanted something less than 10 years old, in a certain school district, and preferred something with amenities. We did NOT want to build. The thought of making all of the decisions that came with building just didn’t appeal to us at all. But while searching we came across a house that we really liked that was new construction and available. We missed that house, but we did meet with the builder and found out that they had a spec home that was 50% finished and still available. A spec home is basically a house that the builder starts building without a buyer. They make all of the decisions for finishes and the layout. Typically, if no one buys them, they become models for potential buyers to tour. We were able to walk through the half-finished house and were given a list of the finishes and layout decisions, plus we toured the model home, and we were in love. The house was in our dream neighborhood and had everything we were looking for. It was a little bigger (4 bedrooms instead of 3) than what we were looking for, but we hadn’t seen anything nearly as promising or in that neighborhood at this point and were anxious. So we put in an offer and it was accepted. We get all of the new house perks without any of the new house decisions! The house has a beautiful open floor plan with a downstairs office for Jesse, a morning room (which will be our dining room) and the dining room will become a playroom/preschool space for the girls. Upstairs there are 4 bedrooms and a loft space, plus the laundry room. The extra bedroom will function as a guest room and a craft/office space for me. A guest room will be nice for having family stay as the girls’ cousins get older. Plus my best friend was visiting a decent amount pre-Covid, so this is basically her room. I’m pretty excited about it! I will be sharing more about the house as we get closer to our move in date and of course I will share a lot once we’re in! we're moving

Now back to selling our old house! The buyers had to postpone closing twice before everything officially fell through. Luckily for us, the fallout happened on a Sunday morning. We ran to the house, cleaned it up a bit more, sprayed some Febreze and had it listed again within the hour. There were 3 showings that day and 2 offers, so we were back under contract within 10 hours! Things went as smoothly as they possibly could have the second time around and we sold our first house yesterday. It is definitely bittersweet to have sold our cute little first home. The house holds so many memories, like our epic 4th of July parties, bringing home our babies and just 8.5 years of life. However, I’m very excited for our future in our new house. Which we plan on living in until the girls move out. Seriously. I never want to move again. we're moving

The past 3 months have been a whirlwind and while we are SO fortunate to have had a place to stay that was safe and comfortable during this transition, I am BEYOND ready to be in my own space again. I feel like this has been a great exercise in relinquishing control, or my sense of control, over my life, but I need a break. Plus, the new house is a gorgeous blank slate for me to decorate and turn into a home. I’ve been pinning and brainstorming for years, so it’s fun to actually make some of those a reality. Even Jesse, King of House Project Hatred, is excited to create his dream office space. He even has plans for some DIY built-ins! Just one more month!!

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  1. We’re in a very similar situation! We just sold our house and have been living with family while we wait to sign on our new house, which we’re beyond excited about 🙂

    So glad you were able to find something so quickly! House hunting was extremely drawn out and stressful for us, esp as we’re in a ridiculously hot housing market at the moment. Can’t wait to see what you do with your new place!

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