Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

I always seem to leave stockings for the last minute every year. And I know that Jesse definitely does! It’s easy to stuff a stocking for a kid with books, movies, little games and lots of treats, but it gets harder for adults. Here’s a few ideas if you’re stuck trying to figure out last minute stocking stuffers!

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

FACE MASKS – I love to try different face masks. If I feel worn out or just like it’s been a long week I will take a super long shower and then put on a face mask. It’s like a little at home spa night. Not really, but it is still relaxing and a good way to slow down sometimes. I even got Jesse to have a face mask night with me for one of our date nights. They have a brand geared towards men called Bandito at Target and I guess the branding made him feel less weird about it haha.

MAKEUP – This one is a great one for me because most of the makeup I use is NYX and inexpensive. I use my essentials almost every day for my 5 minute face routine, so getting it in my stocking saves me a trip to the store and is so appreciated. I also sent a few photos and details of what I use to some of my family members this year because they wanted little gift ideas. I know everyone uses different products and people can be particular, so this only works if you know EXACTLY what someone wants.

SMALL GIFT CARDS – I’ve always appreciated small gift cards in my stocking. I feel like a $5 gift card to Starbucks or Chipotle is super practical. I’m probably going there at some point anyway and now you’ve paid for some of my meal or coffee. Plus, if the gift card is small, I’m less likely to use it on the kids. It feels more special and just for me.


PHONE ACCESSORIES – PopSockets, phone mounts and chargers, oh my! I’m on my phone a lot, so Jesse is always buying me little phone accessories for my stocking. This one is definitely a win if you’ve got a phone addict in the family!


SMALL KITCHEN GADGETS – Back in the day, when Jesse was the one that did the majority of the cooking, he would ask for random kitchen gadgets for Christmas. It may seem like a lame idea, but the right gadget could help make the chore of cooking easier and end up being very appreciated. A food thermometer is my #1 suggestion for a kitchen related stocking stuffer. They take the guess work out of cooking and have given me so much confidence in the kitchen.

HAIR ACCESSORIES –  Who would have thought that big hair clips and scrunchies would make a comeback? Definitely not me. But I have to admit that I find them kind of fun! Especially the barrettes with sparkle. It’s an easy way to accessorize and appear more “put together” when really, you’re just pushing the hair out of your face. I still swear by the Invisibobble for a crease-free ponytail too. I keep one in my bag at all times.

May the odds be every in your favor as you finish up your holiday shopping and find those last minute stocking stuffers!!

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