A Review of The Last Lumenian Series by S.G. Blaise

The Last Lumenian series by S.G. Blaise combines science fiction and fantasy elements to build a daring story full of danger and adventure.

The Last Lumenian series is a fictional book series. It currently consists of two books, The Last Lumenian and True Teryn. A third book is set to release in the future.

last lumenian series

The Last Lumenian tells the story of a princess in another galaxy. Lilla, or Lia, is the princess of the planet Uhma, a planet founded by pirates. A species known as Teryns, threaten the safety of the galaxy. When the Teryns arrive on Uhma, Lia’s entire life flips upside down. The Teryns claim they are there for peace negotiations, but Lia suspects something else is afoot.

True Teryn is a continuation of Lia’s story. Following the events of The Last Lumenian, the galaxy is on the brink of another Era War. In order to save the galaxy, Lia must enlist the help of the Teryn army. However, their leader is reluctant to offer aid. Lia must prove her worth to him and his people to rally an army.

Lia is no ordinary princess. She has no desire for a life in court. Instead, she craves freedom and adventure in the galaxy beyond. But anxiety, claustrophobia, and trauma plague Lia. If she ever wants to leave Uhma and fulfill her greater purpose, she must conquer her past. Greater danger than she ever realized lurks in the galaxy and may be closer than anyone realizes.

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The Last Lumenian Series is Refreshing and New

The premise of The Last Lumenian series feels fresh and new. It combines thematic elements of both fantasy and sci-fi together in a unique and captivating way. I loved seeing familiar fantasy characters, like mages, paired with alien creatures. The entire planet of Uhma has a rich history full of pirates and castles. But the planet government is part of an intergalactic governing body.

I loved the combination of magic and technology throughout the book as well. Characters use magic, side by side with blasters. Many of the fantasy books that I read contain old-world elements. Reading about a world full of space and technology paired with magic was a fun change of pace.

Lia – The Reluctant Hero

Lia herself is a true embodiment of a reluctant hero. She craves adventure and a life outside of Uhma. However, her traumatic past and anxiety prevent her from seeking that life. How relatable!

So often anxiety and fear keep us from going after our goals and dreams. Rather than charging into her role as a hero, life drags Lia into it. Kicking and screaming the whole way! And she continues to struggle throughout both books! She is constantly full of self-doubt. It holds her back from her true potential in a way that is both frustrating and endearing. Whenever I found Lia’s lack of confidence annoying, she reminded me of how far she came. And all that she struggled with internally. That was refreshing for a hero story!

Lia’s Mental Health

Lia also struggles with extreme claustrophobia throughout the series. As someone that also struggles with claustrophobia, it was nice to relate to the character on that level. Her fear of enclosed spaces often leads to panicked, impulse decisions. Those decisions drive the story forward, but often land her in less than ideal situations.

I admire Lia’s desire to push through her claustrophobia to fulfill her purpose. I can only imagine how difficult space travel is for someone afraid of enclosed spaces!

true teryn

An Unexpected Romance

The Last Lumenian series also contains a little bit of romance! This romance starts off complicated, but because increasingly complex as the story progresses. I love a good “enemies to lovers” romance and the books do not disappoint in that regard. While I found the relationship a little lacking in the sequel, True Teryn, I’m hopeful for the rest of the series.

Additional Thoughts on The Last Lumenian Series

My biggest complaint about The Last Lumenian series is the story moves at a very quick pace. And that pacing doesn’t always leave room for a true introspective look into the main character’s feelings. Lia’s decisions sometimes feel incredibly impulsive because the reader isn’t privy to all of her contemplation.

Her character is very complex with a traumatic past. As a coping mechanism, she blocks out most of the past. Until she has no choice but to deal with it. Then she seems to move on from the trauma rather quickly. I’d love to see more exploration of her past and her trauma in the rest of the series.

The quick pace also keeps the romance from progressing in a heartfelt way. Lia’s love interest is perfect for her. But their story feels rushed. The relationship starts as enemies but the shift to lovers is very fast. I would love to see more passion, heartfelt conversation, and true companionship from the characters in the future. Their love story has so much potential and I can’t wait to see how it grows!

If You Like Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Romance, The Last Lumenian Is For You!

The Last Lumenian series literally checks all of the boxes for a fun, fiction read. It is full of adventure, magic, space, and romance. The main character is realistically compelling and relatable. I can’t wait to continue Lia’s story!

This post was a paid collaboration with S.G. Blaise. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. This is a series I’m unfamiliar with so I appreciate your review so I could be introduced to it! Normally, I prefer quicker paced books, but the way you explain it makes it sound as though that’s the biggest flaw. I’d be curious to see if I feel similarly. Great review!

  2. Sounds like an interesting story line! Not usually my type of book but I could see how those who love fantasy would love this. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Neely Moldovan

    Not usually my style of book but my best friend LOVES books like this! Will send to her!

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