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JOY for the Door – Joy Christmas Wreath

When it comes to Christmas I believe that bigger is better! This JOY Christmas wreath fills up the whole door and is so festive!

Something about Christmas really gets me in the creative spirit. I love to turn on a Christmas movie and craft new decorations. This year, I decided to create a new wreath for the front door. The wreath is made from three smaller wreaths stacked over each other. I added the letters J and Y and the middle wreath represents an O. It spells out JOY! I love my Joy Christmas wreath!

JOY three piece wreath


  • 3 12″ articial Christmas wreaths
  • 9″ Wooden J and Y
  • Red spray paint
  • Red glitter
  • Thick, wired ribbon
  • Red Christmas Bow

Creating a Vertical Joy Christmas Wreath

All of the supplies for this Christmas wreath can be found at the local craft store. You’ll need three 12″ wreaths, a wooden J and Y and some ribbon. The letters were originally white, but I spray painted them red. Red is way more festive! I also added glitter. It’s Christmastime, everything needs some glitter. I traced the edge of the letters with glue and added red glitter. The glitter outline really makes the letters pop!

JOY letter wreath

After the letters were dry, I nailed thumbtacks into the backs. There is a thumbtack at the bottom and top of each letter. I wrapped branches from the wreath around the tacks to keep the letters in place.

Christmas letter wreath

The wreaths needed a little more pizzaz, so I added some accessories. I added glittery berries and holly leaves to the wreaths with the letters. There are snowflakes and Christmas balls on the “O” wreath.

This Joy wreath is huge, glittery, ridiculous and amazing all at the same time. Just looking at it makes me smile with JOY.

Front porch holiday wreath

I especially like how it looks with all my Christmas lights on the porch.

Front Porch decorations at night

I love how large the wreath is and that it covers almost the whole front door. Since I make a new wreath almost every year, I’m wondering what to do with all the wreaths from past Christmases.

What do you guys do with your old wreaths each year?

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  1. your porch is so cheerful and full of, well, joy! :)

  2. very cute! we are finally done decorating. seems like it took longer this year because i need to take breaks (lol) and also i’ve been working SO MUCH. but it’s done and ill be sharing soon :)

  3. I love your wreath and your porch is looking so good and very Christmas ready!

  4. The door looks wonderful – as I told you earlier (instagram?!) I love how the JOY just pops off the door from that new eggplant color you painted it! I typically make my wreath from natural greenery so then I just put it in the compost pile so the birds can pick at it to make nests, etc. as it dries out.

  5. Oh my gosh those wreaths are SO cute!!!

  6. Super cute! Really festive for the holidays!

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