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January 2019 Favorites

Well. We made it. January, aka the longest month of the year, is over! I don’t really mind January (because of my birthday) but I am happy to be one month closer to the end of winter! My opinion of cold weather is: If it’s not snowing, then it shouldn’t be cold! However, January has brought about a lot of positives into my life. Can you tell I’ve been working on having a more positive and grateful attitude? This outlook is helping me realize that despite the cold weather, sick babies, dry and cracked skin; I still have a ton of things that went great this month! Thus, this new series is born. Every month I will share a few of my favorite things, they may be purchases, experiences, music, whatever! I am constantly discovering new things thanks to the bloggers that I follow, so I figured I would do the same. Maybe I can help you find one of your new favorite things! Here’s my January 2019 favorites!

January 2019 favorites

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January 2019 favorites


I am not a morning person. Not. At. All. I’ve tried for years to turn that around, but getting up in the morning is so tough! Especially in the winter when it’s still dark in the morning. Several of my friends recommended a sunrise simulation alarm clock, so I bought one to try it out. I am not exaggerating when I say that the Phillips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock has been life changing! It starts lighting up about 20 minutes before our alarm and is fully lit by 7 am. The light has a warm glow, just like the sunrise. It is just so dang pleasant to wake up to! While I’m not magically a morning person now, it has made the morning a lot easier.

January 2019 favorites

Target | Amazon

I love having a clean house, but I hate the effort of actually cleaning it. Anything that can make cleaning quicker and easier is automatically one of my favorite things. My Bissel cordless stick vacuum is currently my best friend. I love that I can just grab it and vacuum up the kitchen and the dining room, specifically under Mara’s chair, in minutes. It is way more thorough than sweeping and I love that I don’t have to bend over with the dustpan. Plus, it’s so light! I just run up the stairs with it and vacuum the bathrooms and bedrooms. I know complaining about plugging and unplugging the vacuum is a little infomercial-esque, but I didn’t realize how annoying it was until I didn’t have to do it anymore!

January 2019 favorites

Ulta | Target

Since my 30th birthday was this month I spent a lot of the winter thinking about skin care. I never really had a skin care routine before, but I felt like it was time for one! So, last month, I bought the Olay Regenerist Whips moisturizer. My skin has seriously never looked so good! It is so lightweight and doesn’t make my skin feel oily at all. I use it every night and most mornings after I wash my face. The price tag is a little steep for a cheapo like me. I actually didn’t buy it first, Jesse did. I mentioned seeing it recommended a lot on Instagram by beauty bloggers I followed and so he picked it up one night at Target. I would normally NEVER pay $25 for moisturizer, but after using it for 2 months with amazing results, I’m hooked.

January 2019 favorites

Daniela Suede Winter Tall Boots – Universal Thread

This past fall I told Jesse that I wanted a pair of UGG knock-offs. Girls in UGGs always look so comfy but there’s no way I’d pay a ton of money for glorified slippers. Well, a few weeks ago I spotted a pair of knock-offs at Target. Technically they are  , but we all know they are wanna-be UGGs. They were on clearance for $20, there was only one pair left, they were my size AND I had a $20 gift card. That’s what you call destiny my friends! I’ve been wearing them a ton because they are so comfortable and cozy, plus they go great with my leggings and oversized sweaters. Throw in a Starbucks cup and I’m the poster girl for basic.

January 2019 favorites

Live Free Creative Podcast

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve heard me rave about this podcast! It is just SO good! I look forward to Thursday mornings, just so I can listen to the latest episode. The host, Miranda, is so positive and encouraging as she shares advice for following your passions, being grateful and enjoying life. My mood is always lifted by each episode and I just can’t get enough. My favorite episode to date was about Wholeness in Motherhood. If you’ve ever struggled with your identity after having children and making yourself a priority then you NEED to listen!

January 2019 favorites

Check out the Costco Wine Blog for a full review!

I’m not usually a Prosecco fan, but a good friend of mine always has this stuff on hand for girl’s night and it’s so good. It’s only available at Costco (Kirkland is their generic brand) and it’s only $7. It’s now my drink of choice on Monday’s when I’m watching The Bachelor.

January 2019 favorites

Listen to 7 Rings on Spotify

Ariana Grande is usually hit or miss for me, but this song is fire! I love the beat, the message of female empowerment, and it’s so damn catchy! It’s definitely my new “Get Sh*t Done” anthem on those days when I need to be productive.

Now I’m off to listen to Ari, while wearing my fake UGGs and vacuuming!


  1. Those boots were meant to be! Love it when finds like that happen!

  2. Lucy Beliveau

    Wonderful new blog! Thanks for taking the time to share these useful products with us! May have to give the moisturizer a whirl!!

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