How To Promote Your Blog on Instagram

Stop sending your potential blog traffic to 3rd party sites. Instead, promote your blog on Instagram by creating a linked content page.

Many bloggers have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. We all want more likes and more followers. But without at least 10,000 followers, the return from Instagram just isn’t that great. It’s almost impossible to for small accounts to send people to specific blog posts. Unless you have the swipe up feature. And we can’t include links in the feed captions. The only way for bloggers with small followings to get people to their blogs from Instagram is through the profile link. Sites like Linktree and Link in Profile are an easy solution to send followers to a directory of your content. But they do so at the loss of potential traffic to your blog. Several months ago, I created a very similar directory on my blog. It significantly helped me promote my blog on Instagram.

How To Increase Blog Traffic from Instagram

Why You Need A Links Page to Promote Your Blog on Instagram

Adding an Instagram links page to your Instagram profile sends potential readers directly to your blog and encourages them to stay there. Instagram followers can click over and immediately see your blog’s brand, as well as a sampling of the content you have to offer. This provides a greater likelihood that they will peruse your site for other posts that may interest them. Developing an Instagram links page not only helped increase blog traffic from Instagram, but it also increased site retention. People are staying on my site longer and clicking on more of my content. The longer someone is on my site, the greater the likelihood that they will become a follower and return for new content. And with my Instagram links page, they know exactly where they can find it. create a custom Instagram links page

This is a huge improvement from linking directly to your blog posts in your Instagram profile. Direct post links take Instagrammers to one page of content, making them more likely to read what they came for and then leave. It is better to present them with a few options so they stick around.

Be Creative with Your Instagram Links Page

Creating your own links page gives you the opportunity to be as creative as you want with your design. You aren’t limited to a certain aesthetic or style for your content links like with a third party site. This was the factor that inspired me to create my own page in the first place. I had an idea of how I wanted my page to look and I found other directory sites lacked the ability to customize the design. My Instagram links page features photos from my posts as the “buttons.” This gives readers a small visual taste of what the post is about, in addition to the post title. Since Instagram is all about visuals, using photos attracts more people to my other content as well. Linktree alternative links page

There’s also the ability to include ads or affiliate links on your linked content page. My page has a “Current Favorite Things” section at the bottom. In this area I feature clothes, products, home decor, baby-related items, etc. that I’m currently using and have mentioned on Instagram or in blog posts. Feature your most asked about products on this page, then direct Instagrammers there, rather than have them click around and try to find it themselves. This way, you are getting blog traffic and affiliate earnings.

Be In Control of Your Instagram Links Page

A linked content page on your blog is under your control. In light of Instagram’s recent ban on Linktree links, this is the most crucial reason to create your own linked content page. Third party linking sites or apps can disappear or be banned by Instagram. It has happened with Linktree and many Instagram accounts themselves were banned for having Linktree links in their profile. Save yourself the headache and the stress of having something like that happen to you. create an Instagram feature page for blog

Creating Your Own Linked Content Page to Increase Blog Traffic from Instagram

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of building your own linked content page. It truly is an incredibly simple process. And worth the effort to increase blog traffic from Instagram.

Create a new page for your blog. This page doesn’t need to be added to any of your navigation menus since it will only be accessed by your direct Instagram link.

Determine the image (or images) that you want to use as your navigation “buttons.” This can be a solid color that matches your brand, one image that’s the same for all the buttons, or a different image for each button. For my Instagram Recents page I use an image from the corresponding blog post for my buttons.

Crop the image to your desired button size. Your button can be any size. I chose to have smaller 300×153 rectangles. create Instagram links page

Title your buttons. This title should match the title of your blog post. If you’ve decided to use images as your buttons add an opaque overlay behind your text for easy readability. title Instagram featured post links

Link your buttons to your blog posts. Once you’ve added your buttons to you linked content page, be sure that each button links to the correct blog post.

Publish your page and add the link to your Instagram bio.  Be sure to promote your new page in your captions and Instastories.

You can visit my Instagram links page here for more inspiration! featured posts page Instagram bio

I told you this was simple! A linked content page is much more reliable than a third party service and ensures that visitors are sent directly to your site. This will help significantly increase blog traffic from Instagram.

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