Choosing Fabric for Sewing Pillowcases – Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge

After weeks of indecision and trying to scout out the best deal I finally picked out my fabric for sewing pillowcases for our office/guest room. I’m sewing the pillowcases for the ImpossibilitiesĀ challenge. It’s my first ever sewing project! I felt so lost in the fabric store, remember this is Jesse’s forte, not mine! But I managed to find something that I liked and that was masculine enough for the office/”man cave.” I asked for 2 yards (just in case I screw up) and there were 2 yards and 34.” Plus it was on clearance, so I got almost another yard for 50% of the clearance price. $10 for almost 3 yards of fabric! Holla!

To balance out the dark colors and seriousness (doesn’t it look serious?) I also picked up these fabric quarters to make 2 matching, but not exactly, little pillows too. It was only $8 for these!

Instead of stuffing the pillows, I’m going to use pillow forms because I’m all about washing pillowcases and the forms were 50% off! Plus I’m lazy šŸ˜‰

I didn’t pick up any fabric for the curtains because after all my birthday partying I kind of ran out of my fun money for the week and I had to decide pillows or curtains. Jesse said pillows would be easier, so pillows it was! However, I still want to make curtains, it just might not be in time for the end of the challenge! By the way there is still another full week for you to join in the fun! There has to be something that feels like it will be impossible to accomplish in a week right? šŸ™‚
The ring leaders for this challenge are:
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See the finished envelope pillowcases here!

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  1. Pillows are definitely the easiest thing I’ve come across with sewing. They’re the most forgiving of mistakes. I always use forms too.

    Good luck and I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

  2. Good picks! They are going to turn out great! Thanks for the shout out – I plan to work on mine all weekend!!!

  3. Great price on the fabric! I really like them all and I can’t wait to see the pillows when you’re finished! Also, I was always curious about the fabric quarters (I wasn’t sure if they were squares or not) so I’m glad I know now!

  4. You found some good deals! I’m sure your pillows will turn out great. I like that you’re using pillow forms. I’m all about washing pillow cases too! Have fun!

  5. These are going to look great. I get overwhelmed in fabric stores, too. I almost exclusively buy online anymore for that reason. Also – I also prefer pillow forms. I like the idea that I can wash and change them whenever I want to. =)

  6. I’m all about washable and removable pillowcases, too! I like to look for ridiculously cheap pillows that are on mega clearance in stores because they are ugly and nobody wants them, then I bring them home and cover them up. Often it’s cheaper than buying the pillow forms!

  7. Great finds! I love fabric. I kinda get out of control when cute prints are on clearance, lol. Thanks for including me =) I hope my project actually gets completed!!

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