Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge

Yesterday, a few of my favorite bloggers announced that for the month of January they were hosting the Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge. They are going to attempt something they deemed “impossible” in the past. It’s kind of a resolution challenge and in honor of the new year, I’ve decided to join in the fun! Here’s the technical info:

Take the Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge with Us!

1)  Post your “Impossible” in the comments section. (Both here and on one of the host’s blogs) 

2) Each week (Jan 16, 23 & 30) they will all be posting about their progress.  Please follow along (although it may be like watching a train wreck).  Feel free to post your progress in the comments of those posts too.

3) On January 31, Kelly will be posting her (hopefully) accomplished “Impossible” (to clean out and organize her crazy full basement) along with 5 other blog buddies:

Kari from Thistlewood Farm – Bake bread from scratch
Linda from It All Started With Paint – Paint her vaulted bedroom ceiling
Andrea from The Cottage Market – Organizing her craft room
Khara from The Space Between – Hang a gallery wall while putting only one hole in the wall
Stacey from A Sort of Fairytale – A non-sewer sews a purse

4) On January 31 (mark your calendar), they will each host a Link Party so you can link up your “Impossible”.  (This is when I hope to complete my own “impossible”!)

So, what’s my impossible? Sewing. I have never used a sewing machine in my entire life, but I really want to learn how! So this month I am going to attempt to sew some curtains for the office in the new house, or pillows for the living room or maybe for the office as well. I’ve been looking at fabric online and will probably pick some out this weekend, or next!

 Wish me luck! Hopefully I won’t need too much of Jesse’s help! 😉

You should join in the fun! What’s your impossible?

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  1. Ashley,

    Thanks so much for blogging about our challenge — and for joining us!

    Good luck with the sewing. It’d not too challenging … my biggest challenge is threading the machine! Especially after I haven’t sewn for awhile.

    Can’t wait to see the final results!


  2. Ashley,
    I am so excited that you are joining us! I am a sewer, not a baker (hence the overwhelming fear I have of making homemade bread)! Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions!

    1. Will do Karianne! Let me know if you have any baking questions! My husband had a hobby of making homemade bread for about a year until we moved into our townhouse and lost all counter-space!

  3. hi there — how are you! i just wanted to drop by and say hi and to thank you for your support and to tell you that i just admire your “IMPOSSIBLE” I can not wait to see your creations!!! i just followed you via google front page so i will certainly be kept updated! thanks again and wishing you the best creative month EVER!!! hugs…

  4. What a great challenge! Sounds like such fun. Good luck with the sewing. I’d recommend starting with the pillow, if possible. Curtains aren’t hard at all, but the big pieces can be a little overwhelming at first. Once you master the pillow, a curtain will be no sweat. 😉

    Right now, cleaning my house feels impossible. Do you think that counts?

  5. Good luck Ashley! Threading the machine probably is the hardest part!
    I am excited to hear how the inspection goes. Fingers crossed!

  6. What a neat idea! Sounds like fun. I’d love to try it if I have time. I’m a very, very basic sewer, meaning I can sew straight lines! Good luck with this, I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  7. I agree with Kelly…the hardest part is probably threading the machine! But I have total faith you’ll be able to accomplish your “impossible”! I can’t wait to see the results! 🙂

  8. Wow, I have to say I’m not brave enough at this point to take on an impossible task. I guess my impossible task will just be living my life the way it currently is (because that seems daunting enough as it is!). I will sit on the sidelines and root for all your home-runs!

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