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How To Make a Ribbon Wreath for Spring

How to make a ribbon wreath that’s perfect for spring! All you need is a fun ribbon, faux flowers, and a small wooden initial or cutout.

Spring is upon us! That means it’s time to swap out the simple winter decor in favor of something fun and colorful! Warmer weather usually results in more time spent outdoors, soaking up the sunshine and fresh air. Both of which are proven to increase cognitive function and creativity. All of that to say, spring is a great time to try your hand at creating something. And what better than a new wreath for your front door?

ribbon wreath

I love ribbon wreaths because they are incredibly simple to make! But the simplicity doesn’t impact how lovely it is. This wreath is simply made from a foam wreath form and one, or more, rolls of pretty ribbon. I prefer to use a solid ribbon as my base, with a fun patterned ribbon layered over it. Then, accessorize your wreath. For spring, try adding greenery or fun florals! You can also add an initial or another wood cut-out to personalize the wreath even more. Learn how to make a spring wreath using this tutorial and create your own!

Ribbon Wreath Supplies

  • Foam wreath form
  • 1 roll of solid colored ribbon
  • 1 roll of fun, patterned ribbon
  • Faux florals
  • Hot glue gun
ribbon wreath supplies

How to Make A Ribbon Wreath

These wreaths are incredibly simple to make. They basically consist of wrapping ribbon around a foam wreath form. Keep the ribbon tight to avoid lumps or creases. Mix up the ribbon for a more interesting wreath.

Wrap the Ribbon

Start with a solid-colored ribbon as the base. Wrap the entire length of ribbon around a foam wreath form. Don’t let any wreath form poke through! In the beginning, use a dab of hot glue to hold the ribbon in place. Continue to use a little glue as needed to keep the ribbon tight on the wreath form. Once the entire wreath form is covered with the solid ribbon, add the patterned ribbon.

For this pink spring wreath, I wrapped 3/4s of the wreath with a peachy pink ribbon. Then, I wrapped the final quarter in gray and white chevron ribbon. I also wrapped the chevron ribbon broadly over the pink. Just to break up the solid colors a bit.

DIY ribbon wreath

Wrap the patterned ribbon around the wreath form leaving space for the solid ribbon to show. Start with a dab of hot glue too! Decide how closely wrapped you want the second layer of ribbon to be. I prefer to leave at least 4 inches between my ribbon rotations. I like for the base color to show through a lot. Once the second layer of ribbon is finished, it’s time to accessorize. Technically, that’s how to make a ribbon wreath. It’s super easy!

how to make a ribbon wreath

Accessorize the Wreath

A wreath form with a ribbon wrapped around it is pretty boring. Accessories really bring the wreath some personality. I chose faux florals to accessorize my wreath for spring.

ribbon wreath

Diversify your wreath by adding different accessories depending on the season. Instead of using faux florals, create fabric flowers to pin to your wreath!

fabric flowers

In summer, little suns make for a great wreath decoration. Or inexpensive sunglasses from the dollar section at Target! Obviously, in the fall leaves would be a great wreath addition. Or little faux acorns!

Ribbon wreaths are an incredibly simple craft. But they bring a lot of fun and personality to a front door. Use this tutorial to make ribbon wreaths year-round, for every season!

For more fun wreath ideas, check out my tutorials for a deco mesh wreath or felt wreath!


  1. A spring wreath seems very refreshing after all this snow we have gotten in Chicago. You might have sold me on making my own wreath for the spring season.

  2. You seriously always have the most creative diys that I never see anywhere else! This is so pretty! I’ve been needing a new wreath for spring. I might need to make this one!

  3. This is such a cute and fun DIY! I miss having time to do crafts, and this is making me miss it even more.

  4. What a cute idea! I totally want to one of these for spring… and every other season ha!


  5. You didn’t show how to lay out and layer the florals. Did you use pins, glue gun?

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